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 Zane Hataro

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PostSubject: Zane Hataro   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:45 pm

Personal Info

Name: Zane Hataro

Age: 3000

Visible age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Picture will be in avatar.
Zane Hataro stands at a height of 6'4 with a Mesomorhp build. This is shown by his abnormally large mussle mass that is visible along his chest and stomache. Zane has a tan, caucassion skin-tone, black hair that covers the entire top of his head as well as even reaching down over the back of his neck and forehead. Zane has eyes as black as the darkest midnight and commonly has a very calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, facial expression. He only would show a different expression in a rare case. Zanes attire consists of a black leather jacket that covers his entire back, the bottom-back of his neck, and 25% of the sides of his stomache and chest. As well as black pants that go down to his ankles.

Personality: Zane Hataro can mainly be described as a rather distant person. He spends most of his time alone, usually sleeping or spending time thinking in a dark room with a completely silent atmosphere. Zane may spar with others at times and actually work with his fellow shinigami in fights of importence, though in cases of just reguler friendships or rivalrys, he usually doesn't have any, though a rare case may arise in certain scenarios. Zane's mainly angered by two things. One of which is the espada. His views on the arrancar is of a nuetral aspect, as long as they leave him alone, Zane doesn't find a need in killing them off, Zane mostly shows his emotions in a singuler expressiion, that which most have grown to know by now. His overly-calm,almot to the point of emotionless, look, signifys to most that he would be one who rarely fell pray to fear, anger, and happiness. Though he still experiences said emotions, no one can usually tell.

Marital Status: Single

Sexual preference: Straight

Division: Ninth

Rank: Advanced Captain

Zanpakuto Information:


Appearance: The beiing of two souls is hard to describe by the normao understanding of the mind.. Firstly, the being is rather huge, about twenty five feet tall in it's spirit form. Though, it has no shadow what so ever. Light just seems to phase through the entity instead of being blocked off by it. The being has razor-sharp teethe, each as sharp as a zanpakto, and many limbs. Every limb is different then the next. Two of them are pronged claws with a constant flow of energy inside them, two more larger arms being massiv blades far larger then a normal weapon, and two guns equally as large with a dim red light shining from inside them. The entity has no eyes, hence why it is called " The Blind Harvester" as a nickname.

Type: Unclassified

Released Zanpakuto Information:

Release Phrase: (What do you need to say when you release you Zanpakuto?)

Looks: (How does the Release Zanpakuto look like?)

Description: (What does it do? What is it's strenghts and what is its weaknesses?)

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: Zane's bankai is far different from any other in the Gotei 13. Firstly, like the rare case of a constant shikai, Zane has a permanent bankai. He can surpress it's power entirely, however, it can not revert into shikai. Another odd thing about his bankai is that, in the bankai state, Zane's zanpakto is actually a form of pure reiatsu that is infused into his being. This not only enables him greater power and reiatsu above normal shinigami limits, but enables a ultimant form of reishi manipulation above even what most Quincy have. The primary use of this is he can dispurse pure reishi energy from any part of his body and manipulate it to his mind's content. The uses of this energy are as follows.

Poison Reishi- If any individual were to have a reishi or reiatsu absorbing ability, any of Zane's own will actually begin to eat away at that individuals until they have nothing left. This works at a rather rapid pace, being able to fully drain even captains in as little as four posts.

Reishi weaponry- Zane is able to form weaponry out of his reishi that are all as durable as his shikai. They have no limits to what they can be. It could be a sword, or a revolver with reishi bullets, but they all posses the same durability. Another effect of the weapons is that, if anyone aside Zane trys to take them away, they will cause a constant burning effect on the theif of the weapon, making them a problem rather then a help for his opponents.

Energy Dispursal- Zane can unleash his spiritual energy in blasts, beams, or lazers of many different levels of power. Each cost a set amount of energy, however, it has no limit to how much or how little power can be placed in each blast.

Nearly endless reiatsu- Due to this permanent bankai and his already high power, Zane has a near endless amount of reiatsu and spiritual energy at his disposal, allowing the use of many powerful reishi techniques without having to worry much about running out of power.

Reishi absorbtion- Another ability of Zane's great reiatsu manipulation is a optional passiv effect to absorb lingering reiatsu and reishi in a area. This could be taken simply by the area or even an opponent if they are exerting a high amount of spiritual energy.

Damage reduction- Zane can lower the damage done to any part of his body by pumping reishi into it, creating a type of barrier directly under the skin, similer to the arrancar art of Hierro.

Regeneration Replication- Zane is able to fill his wounds with reishi and regenerate his body similer to the hollow ability. Though it is not as potent as the real ability it still has quite a good effect in and out of combat. It also is not limited to not repairing organs.
Small cutts, 1st degree burns etc- 1 post
Average scale damage- 2 posts
Above average damage- 3 posts
Organs and large scale damage- 4 posts
Entire limbs or very high scale damage- 5 posts
Damage to the point that it would kill the user if not treated soon will cause the user to be instantly knocked out and the body will start to slowly repair vital injuries, then work toward the less-serious damages.- 20 posts or 2 days IRL out-of-RP.

Reishi Barrier- Zane is able to form a barrier of reishi around his body with as much power as a level 98 kido spell. The barrier can last for five posts and has a cooldown of 2x the amount of posts used.

Reiatsu sealing/binding- Zane is able to unleash his spiritual energy into a weaker target upon physical contact. upon doing so, the spiritual energy will begin to disrupt the mussles, organ functions, and brain activity, slowly binding the target from the inside out. This will finally end by Zane's reiatsu consuming the reiatsu of the one injected, similer to the reiatsu poison ability. The spiritual energy then vanishes.
1 post = A small pain in the mussles
2 post = a High pain in the mussles and thin pain in the bones.
3 posts = It will now become slightly straining to move, there will be high pain in the mussle, bone, and organs work slower, making thoughts and reaction time 0.1 times slower.
4 posts= High strain on movement, extreme pain in the mussle,s high pain in the bones, and organs slowed significantly.
5 posts = Now almost impossible to move, extreme pain in the mussle and bones, organs now function improperly. Will cause problems in breathing and the senses.
6 posts = the target's reiatsu will now start to vanish, being consumed by Zane's own.
7 posts = The target now loses most of their spiritual power and may be knocked out. ( Depending on individual)
8 posts = Power is completely gone and knockout is assured.
( This can not kill and is solely for capture purposes. The target's power will restore itself in their next topic.)

Reishi Clone- Zane can use half of his mass amounts of reishi to make one singuler clone made purely of reiatsu. It can manipulate it's body in many twisted ways from stretching it's arms out like rubber to making it's stomache dissapear to have a attack pass through it. The clone can be destroyed by a attack on par with cero oscuras by a target on the same level as Zane.( Imagine like Kid Buu from DBZ with how it manipulates it's body.)

Looks: It has no appearance.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

History: Zane was born in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo during that time period. He was son to one of the emperor Oda's maidens and one of his frontline generals. He had lived with his mother through most of childhood up till age eight. At that time he began his training with his brother to join the Oda army in a later time period. He mainly trained in the arts of Kendo and sukan with the sword and spear. Over a five-year span, his training continue until the time came that he was recruited into the army as a corperal with his brother under the same battalion lead by his father. Zane praticipated in several battles until age 17 where things started to change. It was the battle of mitogawa and his father had been shot down by an ambush unit. He himself stayed to buy his brother,best friend from the army,and allys time to escape from the assault. He was kiled in the process obviously due to being highly out-numbered. ALthough, he did kill over thirty men before he fell and gave the others time to escape.
Zane awoke later attached to the site where he was killed. Everyone was gone now, and he was in some strange form. The form of a dead soul. He was lockied there with some type of chain and couldn't leave. After three months of solitude, he noticed tehc hain was getting smaller and smaller. Zane really didn't know what to think of it, so he just ignored it for the time being. by the fifth month the chain broke and the stages of hollowfication began,, However, by an odd chance of luck, he had been able to forcefully break away from the process due to his high-will power gained from his years in constant war. Though, he had gained some type of odd powers, as wel as a secondary being which lay sealed..for now.

Once he arrived in the soul society Zane was rather confused about what had happened. He wondered aimlessly through rukongo, trying to find answers to the many questions he had. He found out quiet a few things, but none that he really cared for. After two months, Zane found his best-friend from the world of the living as a shinigami. From that point on his friend trained Zane into becoming a shinigami. It was a very long process, but by the ending result it was worth it. Zane never did learn anything about kido or care for it, but he learned alot about his zanpakto and shunpo skill. He had developed quickly in the art of shunpo, quickly surpassing his teacher, and learned his shikai very quickly as well.
Zane was then assigned as third seat of squad 6 and served loyaly for over two-hundred years, always training to try and gain further power. On a friday afternoon, his friend had came at the door again, it had bene awhile since they spoke to eachother, so they naturally had a long conversation over what went on in the last two hundred years. By the end of the conversation, Zane's best-friend, Hanzo had mentioned that he had obtained the power of bankai. Zane had always wanted to obtain bankai, but never knew how to obtain it and never thought of asking the captain for training, so he requested his friend to help him achieve bankai. His friend accepted and began the training quickly. There were many life-threatening test involved in trying to obtain his bankai, but after three-hundred years, he had finally unlocked it. The two then parted ways yet again.
It wasn't long before people found out of his abilities in bankai and he was promoted to Vice Captain of squad 1 for the time being. He served the next several thousand years in that position, training constantly to try and match the Captain Commander of Soul Society. Upon the passing of the Captain Commanderand the appointing of a new leage of captains, Zane was appointed captain of squad 9 due to his immense power and strategy in combat. He had developed a permenent bankai making him one of the most powerful in the Gotei.

RP Sample: Here are several posts
So, it was to begin, The battle of two hybrids. Zane Hataro, the grand ruler of the Vizard Corps organization had set up a little...sparing match to test the ability of one of his strongest allys. The co-head of Vizard Corps, Kurochi, was one of great power, however, Zane knew that the individual still had powers yet to be unlocked, one of which being the fabled power of ressurection. Zane himself knew the ability, but his was unlike what any normal vizard or arrancar went through. However, that was for another date. Zane decided upon making the challenge in the Sahara desert, during the falling of the sun where day was devoured by the darkness of night. The vast sands had a seemingly infinate terrain of combat for the two to fight without gaining much attention.

Zane Hataro had his normal appearance of black hair, slightly spiked downward covering a portion of his forehead and the back of his neck, pitch-black eyes that seemed to blend in with the coming of night, tan, caucasion skin-tone, with a mesomorphic build, shown by his abnormally high amount of mussle-mass. His ettire consisted of a black leather jacket that covered the top of his neck down to his waist, however, his stomache and chest remained bare. This also included pants of the same color and material make-up. The last article of his clothing were two boots, each as dark as the rest of the vizard's appearance. They also had a steel toe to amplify the damage of Zane's kicks, but not by much as the force of his attacks were already hard to comprehend even by some of the strongest combatants.

Zane Hataro had no zanpakto with him as always, this was due to a odd fusion of his zanpakto spirit and inner-hollow. The sword was called to him the same as his mask was long agp. He stood atop the yellow sands of the Sahara, grains of the desert sticking to the bottom of his boots. A slight wind passed him, moving his hair to the right abit. Now all there was to do was wait for his ally to show up. Zane didn't intend to make this easy for the vizard. After all, if he wanted to force the man into ressurection, he couldn't go easy. Zane knew the power of that form, he might even need to use part of his bankai's power once it is activated by his opponent. The head vizard toke one more quick glance around, sensing the spiritual energy of the being he called here draw ever closer

Zane Hataro merely smirked as his opponent appeared. Seeing that the co-head of the Vizard Corps already had guns equipted, he could easily confirm the use of the individual's shikai state. As a single bullet was fored, Zane kept his left-eye on the bullet and his right eye on the target. Zane didn't bother to move at all until he noticed the change in movement of his opponent. He knew Kurochi was faster then himself, but not to a extent that he couldn't keep up. As the two strikes came forth toward him, a bullet to the head and a punch to the somache, Zane arched his neck to the right, moving his head fully out of the way of the bullet while simultaniously moving his hand in a open-palm formation infront of his stomache to catch the strike of a fist.

If both were successful, Zane would instantly clentch his right-hand around Kurochi's fist and emit all his strength around it to try and crush the bones inside of it and render it useless...for a few moments atleast. He knew that damage wouldn't have lasted for long, but regardless, that is what he did. Zane then merely looked into Kurochi's eyes, his facial expression as calm as always. Such attacks were too predictable. In the case of the frontal attack it is either to distract from another frontal attack, or a sneak attack on the back. Being alive for one-thousand seven hundred years, the Head Viizard has grown to see every trick in the book of combat, this was no different.

To finish up his counter, Zane Hataro pulled on his opponent's hand backwards to try and pull Kurochi towards Zane. During the exact same time as that, the head vizard sent his head back to it's normal position then smashed it forward at his target's skull for a full-force headbutt. If the attack had hit, he would release his grip on the individual's hand and allow the force of the headsmash to push the individual back and make another small gap of distence between the two. Speaking quicly and without stopping in focusing on his opponent, Zane spoke. "You'll have to do better then that..."

Zane Hataro moved as fast as he was able to as soon as he noticed the dodge of his second attack. Expecting a counter to his own counter, the head vizard watched his opponent closly. There were another two strikes coming, however, he would only be able to block one of the two strikes, barely at that. As the kick aimed for his stomache was heading forward, Zane moved his other free-hand in the path of it in order to catch it the same way he did with the opponent's hand. Now, this gave him a advantage. If he damaged his target's foot,that would limit their speed temporarily and grant him several openings to strike from.

Zane proceeded to attempt and crush the target's foot in the same way he had done to their hand while the second strike hit it's mark directly on his shins. The strike did fair amount of damage and would have actually cracked the bone if not for Zane's second highest attribute. His endurance was on levels above even the infamous Kenpachi Zarakis, matching even some of the stronger hierro of the espada. The effects were still fealt of course, but he managed to stay in place after the strike hit without moving aside from a small twitch in his leg from the kick. After this, to try and stop the final attack, Zane thrusted his arm forward that had the hand which was holding the target's foot while releasing his grip in attempt to throw the target a large gap of distence away and create a small gap while simultaniously using his shunpo, though not the best, it still worked for it's purpose, he appeared directly above Kurochi ( if the previous attacks worked) and sent a powerful kick with his heel down at the target's side.

Zane finished his strike by actually using another shunpo from the target's body to use the force of his kick and the massiv burst of speed to raise the damage. Lastly, the head vizard appeared directly at the position he was before his first shunpo. His eyes were still directly on the target, not letting his guard down for a second.

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank, you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a sentence like "You are in a cave, there is a bear outside. What will you do?" Kill the bear in a epic way or die fighting? If the applicator think that you did it well here, the rank is yours!)
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:10 pm


Strength: 200 + 233 Shikai + 233 Mask + 200 Bankai + 200 Res

Speed: 300 + 200 Shikai + 200 Mask + 580 Bankai + 580 Res

Endurance: 80

Reiatsu: 70
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:18 pm


Strength: 200 + 233 Shikai + 233 Mask + 200 Bankai + 200 Res

Speed: 300 + 200 Shikai + 200 Mask + 580 Bankai + 580 Res

Endurance: 80

Reiatsu: 70
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro   

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Zane Hataro
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