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 Pretending to be Human

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Fetus Member
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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:41 pm

Blade stared blankly at Kisuke, the fact that he got serious meant that Blade has to take down Kisuke before anything. Though at this rate Blade will be defeated easily if he acts out. "A wave of Reiatsu, this could be trouble." Blade noted in his mind as he shunpo'd about 5 meters to his left beside Kurochi. "Enough fun and games, I am going to finish this..." Said Blade as he opened up his palms, "I have to figure out what he could do before I fight him head on, if I want to finish this mission I am going to have to play this slow." Blade thought in his mind as he waited.

Blade suddenly pointed his Zanpaktou at Kisuke, the Zanpaktou started to glow, a darkish redish colour, this was made out of Reiatsu. "Smartest thing to do now is to use 1 ability before the enemy figures out all of my ability." Blade said under his breath, so low no one could hear him but himself. The reiatsu surrounded Blade like armour, as he Blade threw his left arm making a motion which looked like he was slashing the air. Blade shot out a thin wave of condensed reiatsu at Kisuke as he then after got into a defencive position.

Blade then bent his knees slightly as the reiatsu was all around Blade covering him, this Reiatsu worked just like an Espada's hierro though Blade's was a bit stronger because he uses a portion of his Reiatsu. Blade decided to shoot 1 more wave of condensed reiatsu but this one is much weaker and less deadlier then the first one, this blast would only leave a tiny wound on the enemy's body. Blade thought this was a good distraction for his next move.
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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:24 pm

The shinigami's moves were ineffective. Majeh was standing in range and a snap of his fingers nullified the reitsu attacks he was trying to use. "I'm sorry to trouble you but since your the only one attacking i'm guessing your the cause of my friends pain." Majeh lowered himself and grabbed Neon Around the waist and hugged her body to his. Majeh shunpoed with her in his arm into the air. 5 stories above the group. "Since i cant determine who is innocent and guilty i will have to be indiscriminate. My apologies to the innocent." Majeh spun his free arm and aimed at all 4 at once with his fingers. A moment later 4 Ceros fired off. One at the face of each person. As the ones below would be moving to either dodge or block Majeh stepped through a Gargantua to HM.

Exit with Neon unless someone TRYS to stop us.

The snapping move i did.

Silence - By focusing reitsu into his hands Majeh claps his hands together or snaps his fingers and sends out an echoing shock wave cancels out reitsu based attack near by. Clapping for larger stronger attack and snapping for smaller ones. The odd this is when this is done no sound is made all that happens is the move dies out.
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Ichigo Kurosaki
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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:07 pm

Ichigo watched as the Shinigami that was there that he had not met in Urahara's shop released his sword, which meant he was most likely a threat. The man spoke saying that Urahara would be his first target and that he wished he didn't have to fight but he had no choice. Wait if he truly had no choice then why did he pretty much instigate the fight? He then looked at Urahara as he spoke saying that if the soul reaper thought he could arrest Urahara on his own property then he was dead wrong, and that if the man wished to achieve death that he would assist him. Ichigo had never really seen this side of Urahara before; he had never known the man to get serious.

Ignoring Kurochi as he was dealing with Neon's wounds, Ichigo focused his attention on the soul reaper who was trying to arrest them all. He then watched the enemy soul reaper charge at Urahara, and before Ichigo could try to step in, his attention was stolen by the appearance of a garganta and another arrancar along with it. By the words that the new arrancar said to Kurochi, Ichigo would guess that he was an ally of neon and most likely meant no harm. His attention then returned to Urahara and Blade as the former attacked with his usual crimson wave of reiatsu. The other soul reaper then seemed to activate an ability of his sword and it started to glow with a dark colored reiatsu.

The soul reaper then shot out a wave of reiatsu and a smaller one shortly after it. Ichigo would then notice the new arrancar clap his hands and the shinigami's attack would just die out. He then noticed the arrancar shoot out four cero's, one aiming at everyone. Ichigo would swing his sword and release a getsuga tensho to destroy the cero. Ichigo would then flash step to appear a few feet behind Urahara. , "Now what do you think you’re doing Urahara-san? You shouldn't be fighting at your age old man."

Ichigo gave a small smirk after stating his words and then looked at blade. "Sorry I came a little bit later in the fight so do you mind explaining what you think your doing? Why are you attacking us?"
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Kisuke Urahara
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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:00 am

The cero came at Kisuke who meerly looked at it and countered it with the reiatsu of his own sword blast a sing Beniheme technique.

"You know your right Ichigo" Urahara said as he began to laugh. Urahara didn't have time for this and he knew what he must do. In a flash he was gone flash stepping towards his shop and rushing inside.





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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:25 am

Kurochi's hair was currently blocking his eyes, but even with that you could still understand the pure fury in his movements. He grabed his pistol, and combined five reiatsu bullets into one, shooting it straight at the Captain. He more or less ignored the cero, as he moved forward to dodge it.

Strength: 200 + 233 Shikai + 233 Mask + 200 Bankai + 200 Res

Speed: 300 + 200 Shikai + 200 Mask + 580 Bankai + 580 Res

Endurance: 80

Reiatsu: 70
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PostSubject: Re: Pretending to be Human   

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Pretending to be Human
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