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 Kristoph Reiner

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Kristoph Reiner
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PostSubject: Kristoph Reiner   Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:15 pm

Personal Info

Name: Kristoph Tadashi Reiner

Age: Estimated to be about 640. (Birthday is April 1st)

Visible age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kristoph has a simple appearance. His hair is a pure silver, but in some light, it is given a cobalt blue shade. His hair is kept untangled, but it is usually spiked back. His eyes are a pure blood red that can darken to crimson. His height is roughly 6'1" and his weight is about 150 pounds.

Kristoph's normal shinigami attire consists of a white t-shirt and a black, bulletproof vest over the torso. Over that is his black kimono top. This is separated from his pants for fighting reasons. Around his waist is a white sash. His pants, unlike most shinigami, happen to be tighter fitting so it is difficult to get the legging caught on anything. For footwear, instead of wearing tabi and tabi socks, he wears regular socks and boots. The boots are steel-toed and have spikes on the side, so when he kicks, he kicks hard. Much like any lieutenant, he wears his lieutenant badge on his left shoulder.

Kristoph's gigai outfit is usually a black t-shirt with the designs from House of Rawkus, a sponsor for one of his favorite bands in London. The design is two skulls, one up and one down in design of a playing card. Over the t-shirt is a bulletproof vest, as well. To finish his torso, he wears a red and white sprinting jacket. As for his lower half, he wears black jeans and a white belt. For footwear, he wears black and white sneakers.

The unusual things about Kristoph's appearance is the fact he keeps bandaging around his neck to hide a "collar". He also has four piercings in his left ear. There are rare moments he wears sunglasses over his eyes. Due to the fact he is nearsighted, he wears glasses to read. They are squared off frames with black to the frame. Also, his canines are unusually sharp.

Personality: Kristoph is an organized fellow. He likes to be on time for everything. Like most, he likes to take a break every so often, but his top priority is work. This was placed in effect by being ranked into the second division. Kristoph is serious, but at the same time, he can be humorous. It is difficult to anger him, but people know when he is frustrated. He likes to keep peace, but there are times when he wants nothing more than bloodshed. He is rather intelligent despite his appearance. Kristoph would rather do work than goof off, which has many people tell him the same quote over and over "All work and no play makes for a dull man." He is usually focused and can multitask quite well. He also likes to check up on his comrades, even if he does not trust them. He is a loyal dog to his squad, but he trusts no one. It takes a while to earn his trust, but once someone does, he is always placed in a lighter mood around them.

Kristoph is well adept with the five senses. He knows how to control his senses even when they are of no use. If he is blinded, hearing, scent, and sight are strengthened. If his hearing is cut off, his sight is sharpened to the point where he can view sound waves, and so on. He is also strong with hakuda and flash-step, as it is required to be in the second division. Another strength of his is accuracy due to the fact his zanpakuto's shikai are twin pistols.

Kristoph's biggest weakness is trusting someone. There are rare occasions when he can trust someone completely. He is usually focused on protecting others, so his well being is usually always in danger. He is rather stubborn, so he rarely follows orders he does not believe are right.

Kristoph likes anything with a strawberry flavoring. He happens to enjoy many forms of music, especially classical. He is also noted to enjoy the rain due to the fact it numbs his emotions quite well. He also has a liking for things being on time and in order. He is a man of his word, so he likes honesty. Kristoph also has a liking for any firearms.

Kristoph dislikes anyone cursing the dead. His other dislike is obviously dishonest people. He strongly dislikes people who are late mulitple times. He will let it slide one time, but then he will get harsh. Kristoph absolutely hates wearing a suit, but he'll wear one to special occasions.

Marital Status: Single

Sexual preference: Bisexual - A little curious, but he usually prefers women. (For the most part, he's not looking, but people can try to change that with force. Of course, it will be extremely difficult.)

Division: Second

Rank: Lieutenant

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: Amesgaitz (Baque for "Nightmares)

Appearance: Surprisingly, despite the violence meant behind Amesgaitz, the spirits are two females. One is slightly taller than the other, and their outfits are different. The slightly taller one, Shobatsu, is the original black pistol. The shorter sister, Akui, is originally the white pistol. Their nature, of course, is as violent as the weapon they inhabit. Akui, however, happens to be a little more violent than her sister.


Type: Unclassified

Released Zanpakuto Information: Kristoph's shikai is twin pistols with ten bullets in each chamber. The clips are refilled with reishi that he gathers. The bullets fire with a high acceleration and velocity. Upon anyone coming into physical contact with the pistols, such as a pistol whip, their own nightmare will flash before them.

Release Phrase: Haunt, Amesgaitz.

Looks: Kristoph's zanapkuto is simply twin pistols. One is back and one is white. They both fire ten bullets each. The clips are located in the handle, and are unclipped so Kristoph may collect reishi to reload his guns. The guns both have their respective kanji, one for crime and one for punishment.

Description: Amesgaitz is a tricky zanpakuto. It can fire up to ten rounds before reloading. The most notable power with it is nightmare upon touch. If one, with the exception of Kristoph, were to touch the weapon, their nightmare would flash through their mind, stunning them for a post. Another ability with this weapon is the fact it locks up when another tries to use it. Notably, when the white pistol, Akui, is used by another person, it shocks the person trying to use it. The inner world, that which Kristoph often travels off to, is made up of a game board. There are several forms of training with this world. The most astounding thing is that Kristoph may bring one other person into this world and fight them if necessary.

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: -Abilities- (More will be unlocked and sent to admins through training.)
Name: Shadow Manipulation
Description: With each movement Kristoph makes, the nightmare he has formed follows suit.
Downside: Destroyed by any form of light

Name: Foreshadowed Demise
Description: This is a move in which Kristoph drains his Reiatsu to make one final attack. It is similar to Getsuga Tensho performed by Isshin and Ichigo Kurosaki, but instead of being a blue or black wave, it is a shadow wave that flashes all of the nightmares stored within the weapon.
Downside: Can only be used once within battle. Does not kill. Drains the user of all Reiatsu, and they must restore. Destroyed by any form of light.

Looks: In this, he holds nothing, but the area casts over in shadows. These shadows are formed with Kristoph's mind. They can be anything within Kristoph's imagination. There is only one form of this. This is an illusion, but the pain is oh so real. Controling these is a simple violin made from the two pistols that he wields.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

History: "Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it when it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that motherfucker's reflection."

Kristoph Reiner was born into the human world during the era of the black plague. His family had died merely two months after his birth. His family were made up of guards for the queen. She found pity upon him and adopted Kristoph as her own child. He was taught well, kept to excellent health, and even trained in protecting his "mother". She had raised him like her own, but he had known the queen was not his true mother for the fact she could not bear children. He did not mind. The only fact was that he had someone who cared for him. There was an attack upon the castle. Kristoph took his place as the queen's loyal dog and guarded her. "Queen, put your dog down." The soliders were not amused with the pathetic attempt of Kristoph protecting his "mother". The queen simply commanded Kristoph to stop. As the loyal dog he was, he did. He turned back to the soliders and the queen stabbed him through the back. God kill the Queen

"Thank you for the venom. I loved the rush I recieved."

Kristoph was sentenced to the Rukon District. There, he became friends with some of the children there. However, the late scientist Angelika Einsturzen needed some experiments. She went after the children, but Kristoph guarded them. What a foolish, loyal dog. Angelika had her shikai active and paralyzed Kristoph. He was taken to the Twelfth Division's laboratory and tested on. Everything from Endurance to Lobotomy. It was miserable. The most miserable part was when he recieved his "collar". It was a piece of metal that was drilled into the back of his neck to signify his worth. A simple test subject.

"Let me suffer alone. It shows what pride I have left."

Days passed until the Twelfth Division was called out on a mission. Since the testing enhanced Kristoph's strength, he escaped from the laboratory. That same day was the death of Angelika Einstruzen. Kristoph had been tested to become a shinigami. Simply put, he entered the academy to become a skilled shinigami. He was passing the academy and eventually fell in love with Matsuri Blaze, a female student that was in his kido class with him. The two were inseperateable. Kristoph eventually proposed, but his dreams were crushed the same night. He was shot straight through the shoulder by Matsuri. "Do you think I would accept? I never really loved you, Reiner." Kristoph was crushed with this statement. Did you know the purpose of this collar? That voice in his head was familiar. His former tester. It is called the Mad Dog collar. Take your anger out. Kill her! KILL HER! Rage ran through Kristoph's system, the collar taking effect. He grabbed Matsuri and tore her apart. "Cheating little bitch." The corpse was then disposed of. No one had ever asked what happened to Matsuri, nor did anyone find out.

"You passed? That just proves you are lucky."

Kristoph's graduation project came. As they differ for every year, he recieved one a little more... Different. He was assigned to escort one of the captains to the human world. This would be easy! He simply escorted the captain to the human world, only to find himself in the middle of a hollow infestation. Maybe he was wrong about it being easy... He drew out his asauchi, the sealed sword he had not yet activated. He made his way through the hollows as the captain stood by and watched. There would be no interruption in this fight. Kristoph was doing well for having no training in killing hollows. At the end of this, he saw a familiar face. "Matsuri...?" Kristoph froze, but kept a tight grip on both swords. His rage was at its peak, but he did not attack. Before him was his former fiancee. He was conflicted. She was a hollow--No. She was an arrancar. This was not planned in his graduation, so even the captain he had escorted was surprised. "Kill her!" Kill her! The voice of the captain and Angelika's were both echoing in his head. As oders came, he listened. "Yes." Kristoph's reiatsu spiked, much like his rage. Rage was not his decision, but a compulsion. He charged forward. "Haunt, Amesgaitz!" He fired at Matsuri until he ran out of bullets. His clips were restored from the surrounding reishi. "I'll shoot you full of lead!" That he did. Matsuri was weakened by all twenty bullets. Finally, he moved forward and kicked at her mask with full force, cracking it and sending her to pass. The captains watched from the Sereitei. They were surprised. Who exactly was this student? He passed, being placed into the Second Division. After years of training, he became the lieutenant.

"Show them what power you really have. Fight. Not too fair, now."

Kristoph had rose to Lieutenant rank, concerned about his work, for the most part. The collar he had bothered him even more, now. Of course, he told no one about it. He trained and worked day in and day out, not wanting to be useless to his squad. Of course, the collar he had developed into something much more. It had been spreading an unknown parasite into his spine, working its way to protect its host. This was what caused the pain. Kristoph had passed out during one of his training exercises. The squad was concerned about his health and asked him to rest. He did that, but could not sleep. That very night, when everyone else was asleep, there was an attack. Kristoph quickly ran out to check everything. Before him stood his past friend from the testing he went through. Those two survived the parasite injection. It was a surprise to see him alive still. The two fought endlessly, bullet to bullet, punching and kicking. They were at equal terms. Kristoph, however, was pretty injured due to the fact he was in a comatose like state from being so careless with his health. He needed help, he wanted help, but he did not want to be helpless. He then faded away, as well as Giovanni. The two stood on a boardgame flooring with two girls watching over them. This was Kristoph's inner world. They considered him ready for bankai, but gave him one last test. The two continued to fight. As the fight progressed, Akui and Shobatsu began to 'disappear' into Kristoph's weapons. As they did, his power increased. Finally, he reached bankai in the middle of battle, surprising Giovanni. He was shot straight through the chest, but did not die. "WELL. Someone got stronger. You know, you put a hole through my shirt and coat. If I catch a cold, it's your fault, Kris." Giovanni faded away, obviously still alive. Kristoph had gotten the threat away, for now, at least. He then passed out in the middle of the Second Division barracks, now much more skilled with his Lieutenant ranking.

RP Sample: Kristoph was taking a quick round through the world of the living. Thankfully, it was darker weather; rain. He was on his normal route, making sure there were no hollows. He gave a sigh and pulled out his black soul pager. Before he knew it, it was already getting late, and he wanted something to eat. He turned the corner and was knocked out cold.

"Mmnn," he muttered, rubbing the back of his head.

"Good to see you're awake." There was a voice in the shadows. The person stepped forward, holding both of Kristoph's pistols. It was Amesgaitz in its shikai. How was this man able to hold them without being affected?! The man smirked, giving a low chuckle. His face was not visible, as he had it hidden. He could sense the spiritual pressure, and knew it was familiar.

"Y-you're...!" he was cut off.

"Shh. They still think I'm gone. Don't shout my name too loud, Kristoph." The voice was obviously that of a male's. Kristoph narrowed his eyes and tried to stand up, but it was to no avail. He was forced to the wall with Hyapporankan. A low growl came from his throat.

"Giovanni," he sneered, "Let me down!"

"Giovanni? I'm afraid I don't go by that name anymore." The male gave a smirk. Who exactly was he now? Kristoph glared as the man got ready to fire the guns. He was able to move his foot up and take the bullet right through the bottom of his boot. He hissed.

"Hey, asshole," he sneered, "You're not... The one... Who pulls... THOSE TRIGGERS!"

Kristoph broke the restraints and punched the male right in the jaw. This caused the stranger to fly back. Kristoph grabbed Amesgaitz and fired rapidly at the stranger. It was indeed someone he knew. He could tell by the orange locks. He sighed, brushing himself off. Something shot right through him and Kristoph collapsed. Not too long afterwards, he arose and coughed out three bullets.

"Time for the dance of bullets and carnage," he grinned.

Kristoph fired about the room for anyone hidden. He hit someone. So there were two people that kept him there. After that, Kristoph escaped and stumbled out into the night. Any normal person would have died from a shot like that, but Kristoph was not normal, per se. He came outside to see it snowing. He flashed a smirk and collapsed right there, his injuries weakening him.

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank, you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a sentence like "You are in a cave, there is a bear outside. What will you do?" Kill the bear in a epic way or die fighting? If the applicator think that you did it well here, the rank is yours!)
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PostSubject: Re: Kristoph Reiner   Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:40 pm

Approved mah friend. :3

Strength: 137

Speed: 138

Endurance: 138

Reiatsu: 137
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Speed-660 + 165 = 825

Endurance- 50

Reiatsu-1200 + 300 = 1500
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PostSubject: Re: Kristoph Reiner   

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Kristoph Reiner
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