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 Life!??!?!?!?! (Open)

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Fetus Member
Fetus Member

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PostSubject: Life!??!?!?!?! (Open)   Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:48 am

A was man screaming somewhere far off in the distance, "Damn...She is to powerful." Said the voice of the man screaming. "Defeating her is going to take a great deal of power." said the man again as he smiled, the man stood up from the ground as he shunpo'd at his opponent at a really quick pace. The man puckered his lips infront of his opponent and was slapped again, but this time he went approximately 50 meters from his opponent. "Damn, Ada-Chan at least give me a chance." said The man as he slowly got up, "I am really lonely right now!" The man sigh as he smiled again. "Guess I! Sato Suzuki, also known as Blade give up on his quest to try and make you his love." Said Blade as he walked off. Blade slowly rubbed his big and red hand print on his face made Ada.

Blade slowly walked back to his office as he sat on his chair and rested his feet on his desk, "Here." Said a familiar female voice as the female dropped a stack of paper on to Blade's desk. "Ada-Chan I had a rough day today, Mind doing this for me?" Asked Blade as he gave Ada a cute face asking her to do his paper work. "You try being chased by a old horny man with no strength and speed what so ever." Said the Female as she laughed.

Blade sigh as he smiled, "No speed?" Asked Blade in a competitive tone of voice. "Here is some speed." Said Blade as he shunpo'd out of his office and landed right at the front portion of his barrack. "Looks like it's time for me to find something to do." Said Blade as he grabbed his Captain's haori which was conveniently placed infront of the barracks while he was having a "spar" with his Lieutenant. "TAI-CHO!!!" yelled a female voice, the same one from before. "YOU BETTER GET BACK HERE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT." said the Female voice demanding that Blade comes to the female. "No-Can-Do Ada-Chan." said Blade as he Shunpo'd away even further at a even faster pace.

Blade landed on the streets of Rukogai, "Odd, this place looks like a mess." Said Blade as he walked around. The buildings around Blade were torn down and people were all on the floor, their were some members of the 4th division trying to heal the poor people of this tiny village. "It seems like a hollow attack." Said Blade. "To bad I can't do nothing, I better go back to the Seirentei to see what is going on." said Blade as he shunpo'd again until he hit the Seireitei.

Blade was walking around seeing how the Seireitei was so nice and clean, as Blade took 1 step after another he headed towards the nearest bench. Blade then took a seat as he frowned , "Hollow...Attack." Said Blade in a paranoid tone of voice. "I wonder what was going on before Blade actually arrived at the scene." Said Blade. "Things like this really puts a thought inside one's head." said Blade as he sigh again.
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Fetus Member
Fetus Member

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PostSubject: Re: Life!??!?!?!?! (Open)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:02 pm

Blade Leaves.
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Life!??!?!?!?! (Open)
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