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 Akemi Tachibana

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PostSubject: Akemi Tachibana   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:59 am

Personal Info

Name: Akemi (Red Beauty) Tachibana (Wild Orange)

Age: 600

Visible age: 26

Gender: Female


Akemi is just as her name describes, a red beauty. Her crimson hair falls down past her butt when held up in a pony tail. It is wavy, not so much curly or straight and thick as it hangs down, her bangs lie just above her left eye while the other side hangs down a little past her chin.

Akemi's eyes are cat-like and sweet, very gentle and friendly too. Their colour switches between light lavender (happy), dark purple (sad or mad), or gray-ish purple (depressed or indifferent). They usually stay a light lavender, though, since she is usually happy.

Akemi is about five foot five inches and tends to smile a lot. Though she looks young, there are lines around her eyes that say she has been around a lot longer, smiling like she does. Her breasts are a D-Cup, a bit of an annoyance to her considering she would love to have smaller. She has long slender legs and a tall-ish torso, her curves perfect and womanly. She only weighs about 130 lbs.

Personality: When Akemi is alone, she tends to read a lot instead of doing paper work, though she always magically has all of it finished before the end of the day. She can also be found writing or drawing. She is quiet and hardly speaks to anyone she doesn't know or care for in her room. In public, she smiles and acts sweet and friendly unless she is giving a lesson at the Shinigami Academy, then she is serious and hard to get along with in class. She can be funny from time to time but she doesn't speak up much unless she has to and even then it's a rarity to hear a joke from her. She is stubborn and sarcastic, somewhat of a rebel too when it comes down to it. She can be rude when she is angry and harsh when she is disappointed, in the end she is always making up for it by apologizing and gifting something. She enjoys drinking red wine and fruity drinks but not many people get the chance to drink with her.

Marital Status: Single

Sexual preference: Lesbian

Division: Four

Rank: Lieutenant

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: Aka Oni (Red Demon)


Aka Oni's spirit is a young woman that resembles Akemi, though a more Kenpachi like Akemi. Her hair is chopped short and is an untidy mess of red hair. Her eyes are demonically red with an eye patch covering her left eye. She wears a tan native american jacket with beads on it and fur on the collar. On the right side of her bangs, shorter than the bangs on the left which almost cover half her face, are two bobby pins.

Type: Melee

Released Zanpakuto Information:

Release Phrase: Sekai o Moyasu, Aka Oni... (Burn the World, Red Demon)

Looks: Before it is released, Aka Oni looks like a small dagger that fits in Akemi's belt loop. Its design is an elaborate picture of a mockingbird that looks like its singing a cheery tune. After it's release, it turns into a pair of burning hot katana with a chain linking them. The hilt is wrapped in thick wire tape to keep Akemi from burning her hands on the hot metal of the sword. Hidden on the inside of the swords handle is an ointment for any burns that she may receive.

Description: When it comes in contact with someone's skin it burns the hell outta that one scrap, a searing, burning pain that brings tears and screams out of even some of the toughest adults. Akemi doesn't usually use it this way though, instead she presses on of the blades to a wound and seals it up then puts her ointment onto the blistering wound. It lasts for six and it's cool down is ten. It's strengths comes with the heat but it also goes with weaknesses. When going up against someone with an ice or water zanpakuto, Akemi's zan is worthless and the blade cracks and shatters until Akemi returns the hilt to the sheath. The temperature only goes up to 150 F.

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: Kouen Oni is able to turn into double bladed scythe, continuing to burn extremely hot only this time a little bit hotter (200 F). She is capable of pulling the scythe apart so that it becomes two but it is, like in shikai, connected by a chain that limits its throwing and attack range. Its strength and weakness are the same as its shikai, though it can regenerate it's bankai form instead of needing to be resheathed.

Looks: I put it up there. ^

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.


As a human, Akemi was a commoner, a flower seller well known and liked by many. Even as a human, she was quiet and kept to herself, sweet and kind even though her life was harsh to her. From birth she'd been very sick, being born with a lung cancer and then losing one of her lungs to it at the age of ten. She'd coughed up blood until the end. She had never been in love, not once in her life. She'd never truly known the love of a family because they all treated her like a dying, contagious creature. Akemi had always been different though, even if she was dying of some deadly unknown disease. She had been able to see the presence of the dead from a young age but had kept her mouth shut about them. She knew she would've been stuffed in an asylum.
The only thing that kept her happy and that was the reason she kept on living was her cat, a kitty named Alia, and her roses. She cared for her roses as if they really were her life and she fed her cat whatever she couldn't eat. When Akemi turned nineteen, she got really sick and ended up dying.

As a dead girl, Akemi couldn't abandon her cat. She knew the roses would bloom again after they died but Alia would die and never come back. She contacted anyone that could see her and begged them to take in her little kitty but no one would. One day, a strange man came along that smiled directly at her, asking her how her day had been and how long it had been since she had died. When Akemi ignored his questions and begged him to take care of little Alia, he was surprised and nodded with a dazed smile. He told her not to worry about the kitty and went on his way, the kitten held tightly to him to keep her warm in the winter air. Two days later, hollows attacked the young dead girl. She would've been devoured had it not been for her savior, a young soul reaper that told her it was okay and it was time to pass on. She protested as he stamped the hilt of his sword on her forehead but once she was touched by it, she smiled contently and left for the Soul Society.

Soul Reaper
On her arrival to the soul society, Akemi was having difficulty keeping herself full. She was hungry and could never find enough to eat. Some of the spirits just looked down on her sadly and others managed to compile a meal for her, though they themselves didn't need to eat anything. She tried not to be a burden to too many, failing in the attempt many times when people would find the young woman outside lying down, half starved.
Finally, she was found by a soul reaper that told her to get up and follow him. Akemi almost cried when she tried to move but managed to follow him as far as the Shinigami Academy and then collapsed again. The soul reaper had to get someone to drag her into a spare room and feed her before Akemi could wake up and stare uncertainly up at the soul reapers surrounding her.
It took a few months but Akemi regained her strength and fought hard to become a soul reaper. She was almost the top of her class in every class she had.
When she graduated, she was automatically placed in the fourth seat of the fourth division. No one thought that her shikai (which she had discovered in the year she'd been training as a soul reaper) was worth anything because she used it as a healing method. Unohana wanted her in her division solely because she was a kind and gentle person. Through out the remaining years, Akemi trained her hardest to achieve bankai. And after three hundred years, she finally completed that goal. She had no time to do anything about it though since the war was going on at that moment.
After the war, when most of the soul reapers were weakened, Akemi was ranked as a lieutenant by her new captain, Shiko. She'd learned of his sexuality and found it entertaining that they were both homosexual.
When she became lieutenant, Akemi found she had nothing to do and decided to take up another job. When she saw that the Shinigami Academy needed a new kido teacher, she gladly signed up for it and was hired within two weeks. Since then, she's managed to handle both lieutenant and teacher without a problem and lives peacefully in the soul society... for now. >3

RP Sample: Neon yawned, her bright blue eyes searching the beautiful world around her. In her view, everything was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Well... she stopped, puzzled by her loving, annoying thoughts that even she found annoying sometimes, was everything really beautiful? Butterflies, Trees, Cats, People... they were beautiful. But War, Death, Destruction... were they?
The young arrancar shook her head to clear it, wrinkling her nose as she inhaled deeply. Think negative sometimes, Neon, it's not good for you or other people's health when you act like a optimistic spaz all the time. She told herself gently.
She glanced down at her feet and for the first time noticed what Urahara had given her for a gigai. It looked like her sure but the clothes were strange. She liked them, yeah but... a kimono? With sakura blossoms? The japanese dress came down to her mid thigh, the bow overlarge and cutesy. A pair of white socks came up a little past her knee and on her feet were a pair of wooden sandles. She glanced up at her hair and her eyebrow twitched. All that long blue hair of her's was pulled up in a bun on the top of her head, strands falling out of it messily. Decorative chopsticks kept the rest of it from falling.
"I'm a SCIENTIST not a freakin' barbie doll!" She exclaimed aloud, eyebrows coming down.

Neon looked up at him, irritation at being found that quickly hidden behind a sweet smile, "Oh? So you know Mr. Urahara too? He sells lovely products, no?" She glanced around, waving at all the people who were staring and looking back up at Kurochi, "I'm sorry, sir, but this place is a little crowded for me. My name is Neon Hamasaki, and your name?"
She wasn't a fool, she knew he knew what she was. And she was pretty sure she knew what he was, a soul reaper. I'm going to get myself killed today, aren't I? She asked herself, keeping the smile.

"Alright, Mr. Kurochi," Neon grinned, sweet and polite. "Where is it that you have in mind, sir?" Her blue hair fell into her eyes and she studied him carefully. He had said that if he wanted her dead, she would be. But could she really trust a soul reaper so easily? Her eyes caught the gazes of some of the humans surrounding them and knew that she had to keep herself calm, whether she was in danger or not, she was not going to put these beautiful, innocent mortals in danger.

Neon blinked, surprised as she blushed at his compliment, "Thank you sir!" She held the blush a little longer as she followed him to the park, unsure what she was supposed to do. When she heard him mutter something under his breath, she smiled, "War and destruction will eventually lead to peace... Look around now? Even if the hollows and the soul reapers are fighting, there is still peace, si? Of course, that is the fate of humanity, wage war and come out peaceful again, even though you are on the brink of war again." She grimaced, "And I so do not want to go to war... No me gusta la guerra**."

"I don't know... not sure that it would be boring for me. I'm the aspect of love and I don't like hurting people... or death." Neon's hands went up to her mouth and she cursed at herself, angry as she could be with herself. Which seemed to be a lot.

Neon frowned, thinking over his words carefully as a distant memory from her human life popped into her head. It was of her when she was a younger girl, thirteen at the most, and a young man stood in front of her. She was crying, begging him to stay and not leave. He looked at lot like Neon now and then, the same blue eyes and blue hair. He was shaking his head and telling her that he wasn't going to get revenge on anyone but help keep her safe. When Neon returned from her mind, shocked by the pain from the memory, she glanced up at Kurochi, "My hermano, I assume he was, said the same thing to me when I was humano. You are wise for a soul reaper. How old are you, sir?"

All samples are from this site.
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Strength: 200 + 233 Shikai + 233 Mask + 200 Bankai + 200 Res

Speed: 300 + 200 Shikai + 200 Mask + 580 Bankai + 580 Res

Endurance: 80

Reiatsu: 70
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Akemi Tachibana
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