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 Arturo Saverio

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Arturo Saverio
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PostSubject: Arturo Saverio   Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:47 pm

Personal Info

Name: Arturo Crescenzo Saverio

Age: Unknown Precise Age -Unimportant- (His birthday, however, is the Fifth of April.)

Visible age: Late teens to early twenties, perhaps.

Gender: Last time he checked, he was sure that he is male.

Appearance: Arturo's appearance is simple. His hair is a shortened, downward spiked style. It is raven black, and happens to be well cared for, as in no tangles, split ends, or anything of the likes. His eyes are a piercing dark crimson colour. Notably, Arturo's skin is a flawless pale. His build is that of a slender, yet muscular.

In shinigami form, covering his torso is a navy blue tank top with a turtle neck collar. It is a tight-fitting shirt. Over that is a black trenchcoat with short sleeves. Arturo wears gloves that reach up to his elbows. On his left wrist is a watch. On his right wrist happens to be a bracelet with spikes about it. Around Arturo's neck lies two rosaries. These rosaries are just a sign of his respect for the dead. Upon his lower half is tight fitting black jeans held up with a black, spiked belt. Clipped to the black belt is a 62 inch katana. For footwear, Arturo wears black boots.

Arturo's gigai, which he took along after leaving the soul society, is much like his shinigami self, being mostly black. His torso is made up of a white, long sleeved, buttoned up shirt. About his collar is a knot tied into a windsor knot, appearing to be professional. Over his shirt is a black millitary jacket meant for back in World War II times. Upon his left arm is the swastika armband. His pants are black and held up by a silver belt. Arturo wears black boots for footwear.

Personality: Arturo, in simple terms, is a sleazy bastard who doesn't take crap from anyone. He is usually a laid-back type of person. He usually takes the silent role, not finding many things worth speaking about, but when he does speak, it is usually something important. He was once a respectable man with each of the seven virtues in his personality, but now, the only virtue he can even think of being able to pull off is Chastity or Temperance. Arturo never really is one to care for many things, but he insists on detail for most things. His personality is a bit on the perfectionist side, so everything needs to be flawless for him. For the most part, his likings consist of strawberry, liquor, and honest people. He dislikes seafood, coffee, and liars.

Arturo happens to look down on most people, including gods. He considers them beings that just have power that they better watch, lest it be taken from them. For the most part, he is the commander that likes to be on the frontline. Of course, he was forced as a follower at one point in his life, but he had free reign. He prefers to do things alone, under the thought that if he allowed someone else to help, it would go to ruin.

Marital Status: Single.

Sexual preference: Whatever you like.

Division: Formerly Fifth.

Rank: Ex-Taichou.

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: Shukusei [Literally translated into english as "Purge".]

Appearance: Shukusei is a spirit of light. It is a female spirit with pink hair, golden eyes, and a rather casual look of a black shirt, a red and white striped tie, a white jacket, tan shorts, black knee-high socks, and white boots. Her personality is a bit on the bi-polar end of things. She, for the most part, is protective of Arturo.
The Spirit:

Type: Elemental

Released Zanpakuto Information:

Release Phrase: Cleanse, Shukusei.

Looks: The weapon turns into a gunblade-like weapon. It is certainly odd considering it is a weapon to purify. Despite its heavy appearance, to Arturo, it is lightweight and easy to swing.

Description: This weapon, in Shikai, works as fire and light. Upon firing, a substance within the gunblade works as a catalyst to ignite a flaming bullet out of the chamber. The gunblade can hold up to twelve bullets at a time, and take a special kind of bullet Arturo seems to have an infinate amount of. The bullets are made up of impurities, so of course he would have many of these pieces of ammunition.

Inner World:

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: Arturo tears the rosaries off that hang around his neck and fuse them with shikai. They and Shukusei disappear to form a jet black kusarigama. It is easily able to cut through anything but bone or diamond. Its true power lies upon the control of dark flames. Much like Tensa Zangetsu, it can bring off waves of black energy, but this is in the form of flames. The flames reach to the temperature of 2,000 degrees farenheit (1,093.3 degrees Celsius). Oddly, Arturo is able to touch these flames and not be burnt.

Looks: The bankai of Shukusei is a black kusarigama (Chain blade weapon). It can reach up to twenty feet, due to the fact the chain is extremely long. The handle is meant for one-handed use.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

History: -Burnt up in the chambers of Central 46.-

RP Sample: -So, this is it?-
Arturo's thoughts were simple. What he saw was a lot less than he expected. It was just a simple forest of sand. It was like a large sandbox, really. Though, of course people could not do much with a desert. Simply, Arturo treaded forward, keeping his face covered so he did not get any sand in his mouth. It seemed to be somewhere within the living world, possibly the Sahara Desert.

"Damn it to hell..." Arturo began to curse as he rubbed some sand out of his eye and placed sunglasses on. Preferrably, he'd sooner let it be winter at a time like this. Of course, no one could help the fact he was lost in the desert. "I'm not lost. I am simply confused with my surroundings. I'll know where I'm going once I see a sign of some sorts."

Arturo then stopped, giving a sigh as he approached a roadside tavern. He entered it, looking around. There were only two or three people in there. He sighed in defeatm knowing he needed help with finding his way about. The thought of being helped by someone else disgusted him.

-What if they mess up and give me the wrong directions?!-
Someone approached Arturo, shaking his hand. It was a male that seemed to be the person running this place. Arturo cleared his throat and asked something far out of his normal personality. "Could I... Get directions out of here?"

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank, you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a sentence like "You are in a cave, there is a bear outside. What will you do?" Kill the bear in a epic way or die fighting? If the applicator think that you did it well here, the rank is yours!)
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PostSubject: Re: Arturo Saverio   Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:53 pm



Strength: 200 + 233 Shikai + 233 Mask + 200 Bankai + 200 Res

Speed: 300 + 200 Shikai + 200 Mask + 580 Bankai + 580 Res

Endurance: 80

Reiatsu: 70
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Arturo Saverio
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