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 Abandon the Rank, Assist the Enemy [Open]

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PostSubject: Re: Abandon the Rank, Assist the Enemy [Open]   Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:20 pm

Xion watched amused as he released his bankai. That was all she needed to know. How long it would take for him to use bankai. As he came closer she pressed a button on her watch and suddenly the area shifted. Transforming from hueco mundo to a training dome that she had built a while back. As the virtual dome came along a sphere made from spiritual energy enveloped all three of them. Healing their wounds by transferring reiatsu. Xion clapped while returning her zanpakuto to it's eyepiece state. She put it back on and laughed."That was a rather interesting test eh? she asked neon with a wink. Xion knew this would be shocking to do the two. But then again it wouldn't be too surprising for Neon. Xion had built many traps and domes around hueco mundo made to test the strength of arrancar.usually against hollows or other arrancar. All went according to the mad scientists plan. She then called."computer, set up the wall please" within an instant a wall stood between her and neon and the shinigami. Xion then said."pardon me for my rude behavior sir, but it was all neccesary for you see the minute you walked near my servalence area cursing at your own race I figured you came to join us, but due to our rather strict standards I thought it neccessary to give you a little test to see if you were capable of holding your own against espadas such as ourselves which you did well so naturally you passed and sorry for the jacket I'll fix it for you if you want but first I think you should take a short break and calm down a bit" she said while walking over to the big computer and laughed.[color=red]"what did you think Neo? And you said I couldn't act~"/color]
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PostSubject: Re: Abandon the Rank, Assist the Enemy [Open]   Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:19 pm

Neon was relieved when Xion pressed the button on her watch. It could've gone on much longer if not. She glanced down at the tattered clothing and pursed her lips. Her spilled blood was still clinging to the fabric but her wounds were healing up, leaving fresh scars. Neon laughed, "I still don't think you're a good actor."
She waved at Arturo through the wall with a smile, lowering her reiatsu to it's usual level. She rolled her shoulders, "Wow... this guy sure is a piece of work. Has a nice bankai too." She skipped over to a closet and shut the door behind her, changing her clothes inside and popping back out with fresh, uncut clothes. "Glad you keep spares in there."

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Abandon the Rank, Assist the Enemy [Open]
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