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     Feign Callister

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    Feign Callister
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    PostSubject: Feign Callister    Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:42 pm

    Basic Information

    Name: Feign Callister

    Age: ???

    Gender: Male


    Number: Tercera, but weakened to Quatra level

    Looks: He himself is a average height man. His body is built strong and tanned for the most part, and his hair is a red color much like a fire. He commonly wears a button down shirt with a pair of jeans, refusing to wear the clothing he used to wear back when he was an Espada. He commonly wears sunglasses on sunny days, and his eyes are a color of red.

    Hollow Hole: No Hollow Hole due to unknown reasons

    Mask Fragment: No mask Remains for the same reason

    Number Tattoo:He has lost most of his old number, but the number 3 is tattooed to his foot

    Aspect of Death:Calm

    The Negotiator- You are the most interesting of the Espada, as you can choose to stop everyone from fighting for three turns. If it is used it has a 18 post cooldown.

    Personality: Feign is a kind caring and gentle person. He prefers not to fight, but will if he feels like it or needs to. He loves a good party, but is constantly calm, which often leads to some trouble with fighters. He irritates fighters by always being polite, and seeming to live by his own code of conduct, and always being calm in all situations

    Sexuality: Undecided

    Relationship Status: Not really looking

    Resurrecion Information

    Name: Chorus of the Fallen Angel

    Represent: An Angel Fallen from Paradise

    Looks: In his ressurection, he wears a red cloak with black inlining. His hair becomes two feet longer and a deeper red than before. His wings sprout from the back of his robes, black on his left wing, and white for his right wing. At his back he wields a large chain and scythe combo. His clothes become like an angels stained with a deep blood color. Finally, his eyes change to become starry as one changes to black, and the other changes to a black color as they seem to stare towards their enemy.


    Name: Gale Force Sonido Gemelo

    State: Both

    Description: This is the fastest form of Sonido mixed with his own special powers. Anywhere he sonidoes, the sonic boom of air that follows him creates a blast of air that rips anything around him. This also leaves after images in his wake. this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy

    Name: God's Punishment Cero

    State: Both

    Description: This is a Cero of energy that cannot be absorbed. blocked of deflected. This is a thin round beam about as big in diameter as a straw that causes Substantial damage to those it touches as holy energy pirces through anything in its path, its ranges as far as two football fields, depending on the charge. This ability has a 5 turn recharge.

    Name: Putrid Breath

    State: Both

    Description: As the name suggests, this is related to his poison ability, allowing him to spew out a cloud of toxic gas that paralyzes the muscles of those who breath it in. Can only use this once every six turns this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy

    Name: Shadow Hopping

    State: Both

    Description: Allows Him to move from shadow to shadow as though it was a natural thing for him to do. This is due to his Fallen Angel Persona as he uses dark energies in his body to travel through the Shadows. Cannot travel through humanoid shadows.

    Name: Wind Dancer

    State: Both

    Description: This is the constant ability of his zanpaktou, which unlike others, started out as a two headed spear. He controls and can ride on wind to the extent of a level 70 Kidou

    Name: Hope Crusher

    State: Both

    Description: This ability combines Holy and Shadow for this ability. The first person to hit Feign in a match is blasted away no matter where they are as Holy and Shadow energies that cannot be absorbed assault them for three turns. After the initial use, it has a seven turn cool down this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy


    Name: Cry for Paradise

    State: Resserecion

    Description: Feign lets out a sonic scream that within it, is the powers of Wind Holy and Shadow within it that cannot be absorbed as they blast everything to bits that is in front of him. This has a four turn cool down. this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy

    Name: Wings of the Devious One

    State: Resserecion

    Description:On his left side of his body he has two wings, one black one green. The black wing made of shadow is invulnerable to damage. The Green one is made of metal and can be used to cut things, putting a paralyzing poisen inside of them.

    Name: Winds of the Risen One

    State: Resserecion

    Description: These wings are of White Feathers and of clear feathers. The White wing emanates holy energy that offers a slow regeneration to its controller. While the Clear Feathers slice to bits anything they touch due to being made of concentrated air.

    Name: Hope's Denial

    State: Ressurecion

    Description: The area begins to rain heavily with holy energy that cannot be absorbed, this energy feels like you are being burned alive in the most violent fashion, while Shadow lightning bolts flash down, while these can be absorbed, the energy they give burns from the inside out, and if struck by one, these bolts will seem to hold you in place and bring you the pain of chilling death while the Rain feels like it is burning you to death. This can only be used once a fight, but stays out for thirteen of Feign's turns. this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy

    Name: Judgment's Final Cero

    State: Resserecion

    Description: This Cero Fires from all four of his wings into the sky and concentrate into a great orb of energy. This energy then comes down in a great rain of terror, each of these as strong as the God's Judgement Cero, except each now has the effects of every wing in them, as each beam seems to suck enemies towards them. This may only be used once a fight, but lasts two turns.
    this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy

    Name: Leap of Faith

    State: Resserecion

    Description:This ability is For when Feign is about to die. He goes into the sky and as his wings fall from his body, he takes all his holy energy and Shadow energy to create a Cero Large enough to destroy three miles of land. This can only be used in Hueco Mundo, and drains him of all remaining strength, this attack does not see a difference between friend and enemy. Can only be used once a fight in Hueco Mundo.


    Segunda Etapa

    Looks: His outfit changes to a solid black armor and his wings each grow to six feet in length each. His Spear changes again and transforms to a ten foot spear made of the four elements that he controls. His hair grows to be four feet long, and his eyes glow a violet color.

    Effect:Stat boost only

    History and RP Sample

    History: Not much is known about his life as a human, as he remembers close to none of it. He remembers growing up in america and having several friends. He remembers that in high school, he was a man with a talent for music, and was kind to most people. He remembers that most people liked him, and that he was a straight A student. He lived with his mom and his younger sister, both of whom's names he has long since forgotten.

    He remembers, however, the day he died, quite clearly, almost as if it was yesterday. He had been walking the streets of some big city, when he had been dragged off into a alleyway, and was threatened for his money. When he stayed calm and stated his money was not on him, he was shot through the heart by the drunk man. He fell and as he died, even then he stayed calm for some reason, he could not remember why.

    Next thing he knew he was a spirit wandering the streets of some place he did not know, but he was directly across from a church. He started to head towards it, but the reason he did, he could not figure out. But the chain stopped him from entering the church. He did not understand the chain, but he did not dare to mess with it in case it was important.

    Turned out he was right. his chain was grand, but it was wrapped to a single location, a large abandoned building that was once a foster home. He of course did not know this, nor remembered who he was. And as he stood, he watched people not only walk by him, but through him. He found this interesting, so he watched the people that walked about.

    He would see people cry, and as he went near them, they would calm down, same for the angry, or the overly active people, his aura calmed them. But after a year or so. His chain had run out of links, transforming him into a hollow. He was a strong hollow, and unlike all the others, he calmed those he attacked, making it easy for him to capture his prey. He had actaully perfected silent captures while still a hollow.

    As time went on, he had become a gillian, a Vasto, all the way up to an Espada, and became the Tercera Espada by eliminating the previous Tercera with his greatest attack. This however would be a short lived life, as soon after, He was trapped and stopped from ever getting a chance by one of his fellow Espada.

    For a long time he was trapped in a stasis unable to move, furious. It was the fact they had corrupted the desert, his home, the one place had had time to live the way he wished. So after a while, he did something about it, he broke from his stasis weakened by a ranks worth of power making him only as strong as the Fourth Espada, and now he vows to train back to his former strength and to kill those who would harm the places he lives.

    RP Sample:

    RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank, you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a sentence like "You are in a cave, there is a bear outside. What will you do?" Kill the bear in a epic way or die fighting? If the applicator think that you did it well here, the rank is yours!)

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    PostSubject: Re: Feign Callister    Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:49 pm

    approved unless someone says otherwise! welcome to the site :3

    ~gigai appearance

    ~real appearance

    Xion Aporro Granz~
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    PostSubject: Re: Feign Callister    Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:06 pm



    Speed-660 + 165 = 825

    Endurance- 50

    Reiatsu-1200 + 300 = 1500
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    PostSubject: Re: Feign Callister    

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    Feign Callister
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