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 Ronarudo Nokkusu

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PostSubject: Ronarudo Nokkusu   Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:43 pm

Basic Information

Name: Ronarudo Dzvonimir Fenrir Nokkusu

Age: 18 [Born April Fifth]

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ronarudo seems childish in appearance. His height, however, is about 5'11". Though, he only weighs about 110 pounds. The only distinct thing about him is his glasses, which are in a somewhat pentagon shape. The rims are black, but the glasses are virtually indestructible. Ronarudo's eyes are a bright emerald, holding gusto and kindness. The pupils are a solid black, and the scleras are a pure white. His hair is blonde at the top, but towards the back, it is black. His skin is a flawless pale, and his face is somewhat rounded, like a child's would be. Despite his slender build, he is well-toned. Ronarudo's left ear is pierced at the lobe, but he keeps the studded earring out for the most part. The only jewelry he wears is the quincy cross that was given to him by his father.

His attire is usually something more foppish and proper than most would expect from an eighteen year old. Preferrably, Ronarudo wears a white shirt with a black tie. Over the shirt is a black vest. The vest will differ every so often, sometimes being a pinstripped. Upon the tie is a pin of the quincy cross he had specially designed. To compliment his vest, Ronorudo wears a black blazer and black gloves. Back to his white shirt, he keeps it tucked in. To match the vest and blazer, he wears black dress pants held up by a white belt. His socks are black, but his shoes are white.

Personality: Ronarudo is a very easy person to get along with. Once he 'clicks' with someone, it takes a lot for him to hate them. Of course, he is still young, so he is naive. He is stubborn, and will do what he can to at least befriend someone. It takes a lot to anger Ronarudo. Despite his kind nature, he is a sadist. He likes to see things get injured, but at the same time, he likes to help. Despite his naivety, Ronarudo has a high intellect. He likes to read and write, so he is usually seen doing that. As a teen, he is a bit lazy. Also, he is always 'fashionably' late. His likes consist of strawberries, music, and literature. He dislikes stoic people, seafood, and the feeling of wool. Ugh...

Rank: 4 - Not Quite an Expert

Sexuality: Straight, but curious at times.

Relationship Status: Single, but he prefers not to look, as he feels if someone wants him, they will look for him.

Armor/Glove Information

Name: -Unnamed-

Bow Manifestation: Odd enough, Ronorudo does not have a bow as a quincy. His weapon is a seele schneider sword disguised as a pen. He uses this because unlike regular Quincy, he prefers swordplay. He can fire a bow, but he chose the Seele Schneider as his weapon.

The weapon is disguised as a silver ball point pen. It is so disguised, that it is an actual pen! Isn't that just handy? The only thing that triggers it is when Ronarudo slips some of his reiatsu into it. Upon manifesting, it becomes a sword with a silver, guard-free handle with a neon green blade. It can cut through several things, including iron, steel, titanium, rock, bone, wood, and aluminum. The only thing it may not cut through is diamond or cut through Ronorudo.

Looks: Nothing about his appearance changes.


Name: Haha! You've been cut!
Description: Ronorudo cuts his enemy with the Seele Schneider. The pressure of the attack is increased when he adds reiatsu to it. With this, he strikes, creating a laceration somewhere upon his opponent's body. This, however, is not enough to kill, just only to injure.

Name: Hate Me, Love This
Description: Ronarudo has perfected a skill similar to the shinigami's flash step, but he leaves an after image behind when he does this. It is to distract his opponent. [Will post the usage of this in the same post I choose to use this in battle.]

Description: Ronarudo will be attacked. If he bleeds from it, he'll snap and begin a barrage of attacks. Due to the fact it is mindless swinging, punching, and kicking, someone would be able to dodge this. Of course, he is swift, so his opponent has to be swifter.

History and RP Sample

History: Ronarudo was born to a loving family. His mother was a human, but his father was a quincy. Unfortunately, his mother died to a sudden illness. Even though he and his mother were close, Ron was able to cope with her sudden death. He was young, but he knew it could not be helped. Simply, he and his father were inseperatable. As he grew to be seven, his father began to train him in the way of the quincy.

His father was impressed he could get the skill down so well. That very day, there was a shinigami that came and killed his father. Why did this happen to him? Why at such a young age? He was then sent with his grandfather on his mother's side. Not too far from his grandfather's lived an older boy much like him. His name was Uryu, and he sensed potential in Ronarudo. The two began to train together as sparring partners. They were inseperatable.

Ronarudo was coming home to his grandfather's. It was a peaceful night, but it was still tense in Ron's mind. He was rather depressed with the fact both of his parents were dead and he could not do a thing about it. Did everyone he grow close to just die? Was it his fault? Days went by as that question rang in his mind. Ron was only sixteen, and he was becoming an emotional wreck.

It had been two weeks since Ronarudo had been to school. His friends were worried because he would not answer them. Finally one day, his seventeenth birthday, his grandfather passed away. This made him completely snap. Ron got a gun ready, contemplating on suicide. Someone, a stranger, had saved him. It made him wonder. Was his life precious to someone else? It had to be, even if it were a complete stranger. That very day was his recovery.

Ronarudo, after many weeks of counciling, found himself back to training with Uryu. He was getting stronger, he could tell. He was able to make it back to school, and everyone was happy to see him, even some of the teachers. Not too long after that, graduation came, and Ron was glad. Now he could start anew.

RP Sample: [See Arturo Saverio's app.]

RP Challenge:

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PostSubject: Re: Ronarudo Nokkusu   Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:47 pm


~gigai appearance

~real appearance

Xion Aporro Granz~
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PostSubject: Re: Ronarudo Nokkusu   Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:08 pm



Speed-660 + 165 = 825

Endurance- 50

Reiatsu-1200 + 300 = 1500
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PostSubject: Re: Ronarudo Nokkusu   

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Ronarudo Nokkusu
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