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 Aspects of Life (Humans)

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PostSubject: Aspects of Life (Humans)   Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:24 pm

Aspects Of Life

Power of Love:
YThe power of Love is seen as one of the most powerful abilities. Those with this power have great courage and will to survive. These people Tend to want to be the best that they can, and will do whatever they can for those they love.

The Power of Love: When all seems lost for this person, if they have a person they love they can come back in full force. When a character with this ability is about to die and one of their loved ones is in great danger, they can unlock a hidden potential for a short amount of time, and they gain the power to evenly match the person who would have killed them, but afterwards they collapse from exhaustion. Commonly known as the Main Character power.

The Power of Understanding:
The people with this have an understanding of everyone around them. These people are considered at times as strong as those with Love.

The Power Understanding: This power allows the person who wields it to understand their opponent and to be able to fight them with great force. When the user is about to be defeated, if they are fighting someone they have fought before, or if they were once friends, the owner of this power returns to full power and gets a second chance to fight that person at their level.

The Power of Evil:
These fight with the power of hate along with other dark powers.

The Power Evil: This power allows those with evil nature to be able to fight twice as long as normal in a fight along with if they become defeated, they can come back in force with the power to be able to fight their enemies As strong as love would, but when the battle is over, they are able to gather enough strength to escape the area.

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Aspects of Life (Humans)
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