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 Guillotine Dreams, Yeah, Their Guillotine Gleams [Ronarudo Yokkusu - Realtions]

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PostSubject: Guillotine Dreams, Yeah, Their Guillotine Gleams [Ronarudo Yokkusu - Realtions]   Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:22 pm

Ronarudo Yokkusu

"Cause it's a bittersweet symphony. That's just how life goes, kiddo."

卍 BASTARD/BITCH! -The three forms of Hatred- 卍

"As long as you hate me, you leave everyone else alone, darling.":

"Hate me, but love this.":

"When you think of me, I hope you can't sleep at night.":

ღ Sinful Seduction - The three forms of pleasure- ღ

"It's simply just a crush. Try not to get too cozy.":

"I want to be just a little more than friends with you.":

"I can't stand it anymore! I'm absolutely crazy for you, and I'd do anything for you!":

♪ Compassionate Comrade -The five forms of friendship- ♪

"How can I repay you for such kindness? You're the best friend a guy could ask for!":

"You may be my enemy, but we can still be friends, right?":

"This friendship we have is on the borderline. It's a bit more of a rush than most, but we're not compatable enough to be an item, so just play along until you get bored.":

"We may be friends, but I'll surpass you!":

"I'll respect you as my predecessor, but it doesn't mean we can't goof off!":

"The path of relationships are like a double-edged sword. There are people who will be there for you, and people that will stab you in the back. Either way, live your life to care for both kinds."

-Reference: Choose the section, relationship type, and quote you'd like to be placed under.

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Guillotine Dreams, Yeah, Their Guillotine Gleams [Ronarudo Yokkusu - Realtions]
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