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 Momo the soulreaper (not momoshiro) Work in progress

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PostSubject: Momo the soulreaper (not momoshiro) Work in progress   Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:34 pm

Personal Info

Name: Momo kurohana

Age: 678 years

Visible age: 16

Gender: female


Momo has long eboney-colored hair darker than the mid-night sky and when it's not tied back it gracefully flows past her feet, she has piercing red eyes and a smile that can warm almost any heart -when she choses to use it. Momo is 5'6'' and she carries herself with an elegant, almost arrogant air about her, with her head high and her shoulders back.

Personality: Momo tends to be quite soft-spoken and elegant almost to a degree of arogance, prefering to use her actions to speak rather than words; but she has a tounge sharper that a double-bladed knife when she becomes angry. Momo has a calculating mind and she tends to pick up on others' emotions and hidden meanings faster than others. Momo is a stratigist and when she sets her mind on anything you'd sooner slay all of the world's hollows before you get her to change her mind.Momo is quick to anger and if you try to talk to her first thing in the morning you'll lose your tounge.

Marital Status: Single

Sexual preference: Straight

Division: 1

Rank: Lieutenant:

Zanpakuto Information:


Appearance: (How does the Zanpakuto's Spirit look like? Requires 4 lines of description if you have a picture. 6 if you don't have one.)

Type: (What kind of type is it? Melee? Kido? Elemental? Or unclassified?)

Released Zanpakuto Information:

Release Phrase: (What do you need to say when you release you Zanpakuto?)

Looks: (How does the Release Zanpakuto look like?)

Description: (What does it do? What is it's strenghts and what is its weaknesses?)

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: (What is the power of the Bankai and what is the weakness?)

Looks: (What do the Bankai look like?)

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

History: (What is your characters history? How did the character become the person he/she is today? The higher rank, the longer history.)

RP Sample: (This is a test how you RP. Please RP as you usually do, don't just RP long here and short on the topics.)

RP Challenge: (If you have aimed for a high rank, you will get a challenge. Don't post anything here at first. The person that look through your application will give you a sentence like "You are in a cave, there is a bear outside. What will you do?" Kill the bear in a epic way or die fighting? If the applicator think that you did it well here, the rank is yours!)
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Momo the soulreaper (not momoshiro) Work in progress
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