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PostSubject: TEGOME! :D   Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:24 am

Human Template

Name: Tegome Okasu
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: 7th Grade
Job: N/A



she is fourteen she is very mature (physically) for her age. But lets
start from her head. She has long dirty blond colored hair. Her
back-length hair forms two fringes that curl towards her face and two
fringes that point outwards, with two long locks hanging loose on each
side of her face. She prefers to let her hair untied, but uses two hair
clips to secure the fringes of hair on her forehead. She has aqua blue
colored eyes and a rounded face, her facial features are also rounded,
except for her small nose which happens to be very small and triangular.
Her head is big but it isn't abnormally big, simply bigger than most 14
year old petite females. Aside from the scar she has between her
breasts from when she was stabbed by Mr.Anderson, she has no notable
marks or scars on her body.

Her casual attire consists of a dark
purple florescent dress with a purple bow attached to the right, skinny
and narrow strap and a white long sleeved Turtle neck made of cotton.
She always wears her black school shoes because they go with everything
in her opinion.

Ability Information

Name: Molecular manipulation
Description: Tegome has the ability to manipulate the structure and the properties of anything her reiatsu infuses with, meaning she'll have to use her claymore to cut her opponent.
Downside: The downside is that one has to be cut for the ability to take effect, She only has the ability to manipulate the small area of konpaku's and anything that is influenced by reiatsu. Meaning if she cuts the arm of a Shinigami or Arrancar then the area on the arm she cut is only effected by this.

Name: Molecular mixup
Description: Ttegome has the ability to, with a swing of her sword, separate the molecules of a reiatsu based ability three feet outside of the blades reach and in the direction of where the blade was swung.
Downside: The victim has to be within reach

Weapon Information

Name: Tegome Spectacularrrr
Type: Katana
Special Perks: Tegome can use her abilities while holding this katana.
Number: 1
center]Extra Information[/center]

Family: NPC's
er voice, being that she
is 14, is high pitched, going well with her overall size. One of the
main reasons she enjoys reaching out to people is because she is
confident about her voice and her appearance altogether. She enjoys
being social and making new friends, she enjoys listening to people for
the simple fact that she enjoys paying careful attention to detail, she
enjoys breaking down a situation and analyzing it, making deduction an
area she is truly exceptional in. She is also social because loneliness
is a feeling she knows all too well and a feeling she desperately tries
to avoid by surrounding herself with friends and people she trusts.

makes it clear that she is a friendly person, with a good heart, though
this wouldn't put her in the optimistic category, she is actually quite
the realist. Because she is very social, she usually tries to make
herself the life of the party, as it were. She enjoys making her
presence known and she likes being dramatic, though she doesn't go too
far with dramatics. She is quite mature for her age and acts accordingly
in the air of seriousness. Her intuition is very powerful and she is
pretty smart so it isn't hard for her to read a situation.

most females her age, she is very responsible, graceful and stern when
the situation demands it. She doesn't take her responsibilities lightly
and doesn't half ass anything presented to her. She handles her problems
or tasks with the proper etiquette demanded and does so gracefully. She
isn't all work, when it comes time to fool around, she is very
respectful, she loves a little competition but doesn't attempt to push
herself too much, for her body wasn't meant for activities that require
extensive and strenuous physical involvement.

One's impression
of tegome at first may be she's a nice gentle person, this is not at all
true, she loves running things with an iron fist and she enjoys using
force to persuade people or as a secondary resort when attempting to
settle a mater. She believes she is supposed to be the Boss of everyone
who considers her their friend. She doesn't try to hurt the feelings of
people she considers friends or even strangers but she cannot help the
fact that she is very straightforward, she doesn't pull punches and she
doesn't hide her emotions, when she tries she cannot do it well.
has a severe compulsive disorder, she enjoys being raped. The feeling
of being overpowered is one that she enjoys and the feeling of being
helpless is another thing that makes her happy.

She enjoys
literature, books and articles about struggle seem to interest her, even
if she is saddened by it, she enjoys tales about overcoming odds as
well, her willpower is strengthened by the cliche that the protagonist
always gets through her/his obstacles no matter how bleak a situation.
Her determination as well as her resolve is rock hard when she sets her
mind on a goal.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Her birth was swift, her
father and mother were present when she was brought into this cold
world. Before her, there was her brother, Danny. He was 4 when she was
born. As a baby they were both treated with equal amount of time,
respect and love. Tegome was home schooled often, and her brother was
enrolled in a private school. They had a close bond, they told each
other secrets and trusted one another with anything. It was like that
with the entire family, they were a small family, they closed themselves
off from their relatives, it was easier this way, they were involved
with gang related people and they caught a break when Tegomes' mother
won 3 million dollars in the lottery. But trouble was destined to follow
them, when Togome turned 11 she started having nightmares. They weren't
very frightening but they qualified for nightmares, she dreamed about a
man walking into her small house and walking up the stairs to her room,
then raping her savagely. She described the nightmare to her parents
and they only brought her to a shrink. He believed that she was merely
starting to become interested in sex and tested his theory by ravaging
her against her will in his office. She didn't know why but despite her
shouting and fighting, when it was all said and done, she was satisfied.
She didn't tell anyone about it but begged her parents not to take her
there again. She enjoyed it but the terror she feels before the sense of
enjoyment just wasn't worth it to her back then. Finally at the age of
14 she was enrolled in Karakura town middle school, she made friends
quickly because of how she looked and because of her attitude. She was
very popular and respected by her peers. It seemed that that phase she
went through three years ago passed, and she was a normal kid.

days of normality were cut short the moment she was approached by a odd
homeless man with intentions of using little girls for sexual
pleasures, she had heard about the guy on the news many times before and
noticed him as he strolled a cart full of cans pass the entrance to
Karakura town middle school. Tegome felt compelled to follow the guy to
where ever he may have had other young children. After following him
through karakura central forest, it started getting dark as the sun
finally set and the moon took it's place; and while Tegome thought she
was working a successful tail, she was unaware that the guy knew of her
presence for a while and knew that she was following him for some time,
he deliberately led her back to his little hideout and when the coast
seemed clear he turned around and chased her. Tegome wasn't that scarred
but she was smart enough to know that she couldn't possibly use her
strength or size to her advantage with this guy and that she wouldn't be
able to do anything but scream as he did what he pleased with her if he
were to catch her. She turned and started running but within seconds
the guy had caught her and prepared to drag her back to his hideout, but
he wasn't able to because soon he was surrounded by a bright light,
Tegome quickly crawled back in fear of the small oval barrier covering
the guy and at the fact that she had yet another brush with death. The
barrior went away after a few seconds but there was nothing to worry
about thought Tegome, because a guy appeared before the man and punched
him in his face, rendering him unconscious. After the man was knocked
out, the guy who helped Tegome helped her and the few surviving children
get back to their parents (or in tegome's case, guardians). Tegome
became obsessed with getting to know the guy who told her his name was
Shirou. Every day after school she would go to the house he occupies
with a woman and her child. Life has been pretty normal for her after
that, but the concept of normal now was watching Shirou do his best to
become a super hero.

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PostSubject: Re: TEGOME! :D   Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:20 am

Other than the need to fix your ages (you say fourteen instead of sixteen) nothing seems the matter. Fix that and welcome to Bleach Frost.

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PostSubject: Re: TEGOME! :D   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: TEGOME! :D   Wed Apr 13, 2011 3:31 pm

C-3, unless someone disagrees with me





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PostSubject: Re: TEGOME! :D   

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