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 Rush Sykes

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PostSubject: Rush Sykes   Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:17 am

Personal Info

Name: Rush Sykes

Age: 312

Visible age: Late thirty's

Gender: Male


His head is replaced by a giant teddy bears' head. The eye balls are made of glass and the entire surface of the head is soft like cotton but underneath it there is a smaller head sized mechanism. This is what's used to navigate and locate reiryoku. Through this he can see the world and analyze data easily. Not like plan out strategies but analyze who people are; their ientities if they have any in the files among the records of the 46. His brain is still in the mechanism, the only difference is that it is surrounded by metal and not bones or skin. The rest of his body however is an exception. It is still human, but it is far from that of a regular human. His body has alot of scars on it, many deep scars that seem as if they were singed into his skin. They're really noticable because he has pale white skin and the scars are black. When he has his black Kimono drapped on his skin the only noticable scars are the ones on his wrists. On each wrist is a black deep scar which circles around it completely like a bracelet would. Instead of the shinigami hishakusho, his default attire consists of a black Kimono and Wooden sandals. He still wears a haori with a brown coat lining.

To start off, Rush is very smart and wise. He is a kind guy most of the times and feels that he often does what is morally right. He knows that he doesn't Always do what's right but he does know that it is more often than not when he does do something right. He respects others so that he obtains respect in return but he always expects respects from his suborinates and those who are inferior to him. He is a proud guy and so he doesn't take it lightly when he is disrespected or treated unfavorably by someone "beneath" him. He's the kind of guy who likes compromising and looks at both sides of a situation or argument before blindly following orders or just doing without thinking; conflict is something Rush doesn't like and he would rather avoid such a thing if it is possible. But he would gladly prove to someone that he isn't opposed to beating the shit out of them if they are insubordinate.

He doesn't like beign taken lightly. For that matter he hates when anyone takes anything lightly; He gets angry when people decide that something isn't worth doing because they simply don't want to do it. Well, he only feels that way about Shinigami. He is just as loyal as the next Captain which is why he thinks it's pathetic to see someone among soul society without the will to do something or someone they were told to do. That being said he is a hard worker and does what he is told, not because he respects or fears the person who tells him to do something (Even though he will only allow his superiors to tell him to do something and do it) but because he doesn't want anyone thinking that he is lazy because he doesn't perform a task he was asked to do merely because he doesn't want to do it. He cares deeply about what people think about him, which is why he makes up for his teddy bear headgear by being polite and well mannered whenever someone converses with him or see's him conversing.

On the battle field, or just in a dire situation; he loves being the one people can count on. He loves having the trust of many people which is why he became a medic for soul society. He feels happy to know what the meaning of friendship is and even happier to know that he gains bonds simply because he is relied on. Which is why he does his best and goes out of his way to make suer his friends aren't let down and can depend on him for alot of things. It pains him to let down his friends and makes him even angrier to know that there was something he could have done to help but didn't because of his lack of knowledge. Which is why he reads and studies to be a better medic. A long time ago he lost someone important to him and so he spends his days off trying to learn some magnificent technique that allowed him to reanimate the dead. While it is nice to be relied on, he is one of many people who like others who hold their own weight. Which is why he has a little respect for men and women who are intelligent and powerful on their own in both the field of medicine and combat.

Marital Status: N/A

Sexual preference: Pansexual

Division: 10

Rank: Captain

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: Tengoku Tenkei (Heaven sent warning)

Appearance: a Katana, the hilt is the default size of a Zanpakutou and wrapped with green cloth; the hilt guard is shapped like an oval and the blade itself is coated so that it lets off a yellow glint in the moonlight.

Type: Mainly Kido

Released Zanpakuto Information:

Release Phrase: Shake the earth

Looks: When it is released in its shikai; the blade starts smoking and suddenly Small spherical Gems teh size of marbles appear in the blade. There are five, one is colored Red, another black, another green, another blue and another brown.

Description: In it's shikai, when the Blade Cuts into something; it leaves a trace of special reiatsu that after cutting into it; the wound closes up completely, any wound it inflicts actually, both internal and external. This of course works on Wounds That were on the person or thing before getting cut by the blade. This doesn't keep out the pain that comes with. . . Stabbing or cutting into an open wound. When Rush wills it, a Large Dome is created about 650 feet in diameter and The wounds of anyone within the Dome are healed. Any wounds can be healed; Even the most Catastrophic damage can be reversed which makes this more than just healing; it is reversing the damage altogether. The downside to this is that It can only be used if Rush is meditating and it only activates after 5 posts of uninteruptted meditation and Rush cannot choose who gets healed by this; meaning both friend and foe will be healed when in the dome. The Dome lasts as long as he wants but it takes a HUGE Toll on his Reiryoku.

Bankai Information:
(NOTE: Bankai can only be used by strong Lieutenants and Captains.)

Description: Shoki (God to ward off illness and misfortune)

Bankai Appearance: The Blade Remains but from where ever Rush is standing a reiatsu Blast emits from behind him. It is quite big but it doesn't harm him or anyone else. After the blast dissappears and after the dust and dirst settles; one could see the Large Circular Object behind him. It is shapped like a Circle with 5 spikes coming out of different points of the circle. There are 5 Spikes in all and on each spike there is a Small spherical jewel. The Circle seems to be made of Gold, being that it is all shiny and yellowish. Each sphere is a different color, One is black, one is blue, one is green, another is red and another is brown. The radius of the large circle is 27 feet.

Bankai Ability: Once in Bankai the Circular Weapon Behind rush can do several things; When he wills it; the Black sphere on the circle and on his blade glows. Then a dome is created. This dome stretches to 700 Yards in diameter. Anything or anyone Who died or is dead and still has their corpse within this dome are not only reanimated but now do whatever he wills them to do. They aren't able to use their techniques but their physical attriutes are still intact and so they can do pretty much whatever they were able to do before this process. This Dome lasts for 1 posts and Cannot be used twice in the same Topic nor can it be used if another one of the Bankais' abilities are Active and once one is reanimated and is taken control of The control is broken once they die again or once Rush wills it.


Name: N/A
Level: Captain
Types: Void
When he wills it; The green sphere on the circle and on his blade Glows. While this Sphere is glowing, Rush can Travel through time and space temporarily and do so with Objects he wills, but he cannot Travel with something he cannot carry; like say a building. He can only do this twice before The green sphere stops glowing. Once this ability is used It cannot be used again in the same Topic and cannot be used while another sphere is glowing.
Range: He can only travel 200 feet in any direction from his original position.
Duration/Post Usage: It can be used twice. (The effect not the technique itself.)
Preparation Posts: 2 posts.
Cool Down: N/A; it is a one time thing.

Name: N/A
Level: Captain
Types: . . . Kido.
When the Red sphere glows on both the blade and the Circle and once he wills it; the Cirle and the Blade turn red. They are still but both blwoing bright red and have undergone a transformation and now are both made of Reiatsu. Rush can grab both of these objects without being harmed but others won't be so lucky if they were to come in contact with it. The Circle burns through most objects, and has the lethality of a level 80 Kido. Once Rush abandons Contact with it he can make it move with his mind where ever he pleases; but it's range is 50 meters before Rush cannot control it and it continues to fly in the direction it is flying in. The blade is more unique; it doesn't cause external damage; it merely cuts through people lacerating organs, tendons and muscles depending on where it cuts. Zanpakutou and reiatsu based attacks can still stop it.
Duration/Post Usage: It lasts for 7 posts, and it can only be used once.
Preporation posts: N/A
Cooldown: N/A It is a one time thing.

Name: N/A
Level: Captain
Types: Kido
The Blue orb on the Spike starts to glow on both the Blade and the Circle and when Rush wills it; His kido are enhanced Doubling their lethality. So a level 4 kido would do as much damage as a level 8 kido. Get it? Good. This can be used after Another orb is activated.

Range: N/A
Duration/Post Usage: If used while another Orb is active it lasts one post, if used while another orb isn't Active; It lasts three posts.
Preparation Posts: 1 preporation post between kido.
Cool Down: 6 posts.

Name: N/A
Level: Captain
Types: . . . Kido?
When the Brown orb glows on both the Blade and the circle and when Rush wills it; He can Create a green transparent dome that alarms Rush whenever movement takes place within it. Only those with Reiryoku signatures can be detected and one can easily hide themselves from it by maskign their reiryoku.

Range: 2200 Yards in diameter.
Duration/Post Usage: It lasts for 4 posts.
Preparation Posts: It takes no preporation.
Cool Down: 10 posts.

History, RP Sample and RP Challenge.

Rush was born In Rukongai, his mother died giving birth and his father was a scientist obsessed with reanimating the dead and his obsession was only strengthened after the death of his wife. His madness led him to Experiment on Rush as a baby and he did so for years until Rush became 5. He realized that Rush was already on the verge of death because of the many and various experiments done on him so he decided he should just enforce his body to be more. . . Durable. At the time he thought it was for the better, and he assumed Rush would have given his body up over and over again in the future if he learned about his mother and what love was and that there might be a chance to bring her back. rush however, though ignorant because he was never taught then, knows now that what his father did was wrong and that he would never have allowed any of that to go on no matter who he intended on reviving. At 7, even though he was still unintelligent because he was never taught anything, he started developing reiryoku. The experiments never ceased; his father was driven by his need to bring his wife back to life, and in the process he became quite adept at healing and surgery. But after another 5 years of trying, and thanks to the miracle that kept Rush alive; he decided to give up. He was getting old, he had Cancer of the balls and it wasn't going to take long before he kicked the bucket. So he called in some favors from some of his friends in Rukongai district 77, they were all great Doctors or were adept in teh field of medicine and surgery. Then asked that they implant his brain inside his sons after removing his brain and destroying it then telling him to continue with the ambitions of bringing his wife back. They attempted to perform this action but during surgery; because Rush had so many experiments done on him; it was impossible to reconfigure his skull after splitting it open for the transplant.

Once they failed, they didn't give up. Instead they contiued studying and experimenting on countless other people; their motive for becoming driven by this was because they didn't want their dear olds friends death to be in vain nor did they want the death of that poor kid to be on their hands. It was guilt that forced them to become known as Monsters. Their reputation was sullied after it was discovered that they abduct and experiment on people in Rukongai. The villagers of Disctrict 77 of Rukongai decided to form a mod and kill them. But before they could take action the men ran and went to the forest to live out most of their days; but that didn't stop them or their ambitions. It was apparent that their will to continue was too strong to diminish no matter how many other peoples' lives they ruined. That all changed after one day they decided to leave it in the hands of this very odd old man they found living in a small hut in the forest. He was incredibly intelligent and well practiced in the ways of medicine, their intelligence combined wasn't enough to match his knowledge and so they decided to commit suicide and allow the man to work on Both Rush and his father to see if he could fix them both somehow. When he went into the house both Rush and his father still lie dead in; he noticed that their bodies decayed. Even if he performed the brain transplant correctly their is no telling what will happen to them; they may just die again because of hte agony of hunger. So instead he decided to reconstruct take their corpses to his hut in the forest and use the body parts of the dead medicine practitioners to replace Rushs'. After doing that however; their was still the matter of the brain transplant.

While his body was in good condition; it meant nothing while he had no brain and while he could do what the men who left him in charge of the situation wanted him to do, he didn't even know where to begin with making sure that the kid would stay sane or even be himself and not his father. This was a goal he could not undertake alone. So he called in a favor from the Lieutenant from squad twelve (at the time) and used various machines and machanisms to bring back Rush Sykes. He had to reconstruct his head and most of his body and even decided to add his own personal touch; a teddybear themed headgear. After awaking and breathing in for the second time for a first time and he joined the Soul society, hoping that from there he could spread his methods of medicine to help the rest of Soul society.

RP Sample:
Lord Claus Started this day like most others would. In a bed, awoken by an annoying sound, dreading the very real fact that their day may not go as well as it may or may not have yesterday. He was on the 86th floor of the Fakku Engen. He lay on a bed without anything to cover his exposed body and on the floor of his room; were several naked dead bodies, some women, some men and some even children. Lord claus hated being a bad guy but he hated Humans more than his idea of antagonization. He lifted himself off of the bed and looked around, then walked to the bathroom carefully avoiding the bodies he looked upon as he passed and judged by giving them a score from 1-10 depending on how smexified they looked. As he went into the bathroom he looked around and then turned to face the mirror. He was confused and angry, and hated the fact that he counldn't find his clothes which was the only reason he stepped into the bathroom. He got out of hte bathroom and instead of looking further into the matter of his missing clothes; he used the telephone to call roomservice and have them send the manager up. Once the manager came knocking on the door, Lord claus immediately opened it and grabbed the man by the collar and threw him into the room. As the man staggered to get to his feet because he was too scarred to react quickly enough to run into anoter of the corresponding rooms (only because of the several dead bodies in the room) Claus picked up the telephone from the nightstand hear the door and threw it at the Manager; aiming it at his head. Claus threw it with all his might so when it landed on the mans head; he was rendered unconcious. Claus was lucky in several ways; he knew that the manager dressed spiffy and shit to make themselves presentable to the guests which meant they were probably wearing suits but he didn't know if the manager was a man or woman and because he planned on taking the clothes from whoever knocked on the door it would be a shame if he had to dress like a female temporarily. He may not have cared about what humans thought but he did like to look presentable to other people. He undressed the manager quickly and then put on the black pinstripe suit he recently removed from the man. He looked presentable in many ways but one; his hair was all nappy and shit. One of the many things wrong with having such long hair was it required constant care or else it would look like the hair of a beggar. He went into the bathroom to spruse up a bit; brushing his blonde hair and tying it in a pony tail so that his brown eyes were revealed and the wrinkles on his face were more clear. The suit was a bti small for him but it didn't look like it from the outside, or at least that is what he confirmed from looking in the mirror. He was prepared to start his day until he realized why he needed his clothes; the black cross he carried with him was in the right pants pocket. He narrrowed his eyes and grunted at his neglegince. How could he forget the most important piece of proof that he is no longer a human being? he thought carefully about where he may have placed it and then decided that it would find him somehow anyways like it always does.

After leaving the hotel he decided it would be nice to take the Karakura Express station train to Fukkina springs where he decided to start looking for bounto. He had no money to pay for the fare so security wouldn't allow him on the train. HE would have muscled his way anyways but he decided it would be best not to start trouble publicly. So instead he decided to. . . Comondeer a Freight train which was used by yakuza to smuggle Billions of bollars; Lord claus didn't know this but it wouldn't have stoppecd him from taking the train anyway. After driving it for about several miles he put it on auto pilot (?) and then walked to the rest of the cars attached to the train to get some rest. he discovered a Large cube of money packed together and held with saran wrap. Claus wasn't interested in money at the moment but this may come in handy, Fukkina springs wasn't cheap. After an hour of counting the money; he came to a stop and decided that it was more than 16 million dollars, he decided it would be best if he hid this money somewhere else so that no one could come and take this train as easily as he did and take his hard earned money just to get it taken from them and so forth. He went back to the driving car and looked trough the window to try and find a place secluded. As he did he started feeling a nasty feeling in the pit of his stomach; could this be the result of his hangover? But the answer was clear after he threw up chunks of human flesh, corn and his black cross which was his doll. The doll remained silent, usually he is speaking his ass off until Claus would release him and rough him up a bit but now. . . The doll just lay there in its medium silent. Lord Claus looked back up, shaking off his current action not putting much thought into it, then noticed a big warehouse in sight. It was close to town but otherwise; it seemed secluded. After pulling the emergency break to bring the train to a screeching halt Claus picked his doll up, released it from its medium and waited for it to take full form. The doll looked similar to a man, more slender than claus and definitely 3 inches shorter and his skin color (if you want to call it skin) was completely black. He wore a white mask on his face which covered absolutely nothing, literally, he had no facial features. He had a suit and it looked similar to Clauss' but His had a tie. Claus stare blankly at the Doll and then after grunting with disapproval of the Dolls silence he nodded towards the warehouse which seemed 72 yards away. "Chop chop, I need you to go and scope the area out; go see if there is anyone in that warehouse who needs to be eradicated kid." Claus said as he walked towards the back to unload the money.

After being brought into his state, the Doll felt alive and happy that his master allowed him free reign. No matter how long the freedom lasted he was glad to see the world through his inhuman eyes again. He looked around and then jumped through the Train window slowly heading towards the warehouse. He wasn't in the mood to take orders from Claus but he saw from the expression on Clauss' face that he had absolutely no say in what he had to do. When he reached the warehouse; he looked through a window on the ground level and chuckled as the sight of Three humans in the same room. In his eyes they only seemed like flickering flames with different colors. Each of them looked green which was the same Color Claus is in the doll's eyes. Did this mean Claus is no longer the only person with the privilage of having a sexy beast by his side to kill off his enemies? The Doll shook his head and then jumped through the window, instead of landing gracefully on his feet he stomped on the concrete ground beneath him and from that echoed a loud clap like sound through out the warehouse. Each of the beings stood several feet away from heach other but he stood 20 feet away from all three of them. "OH SHUGA HONEY ICE TEA" He shouted as he noticed that he just made a lound noice when his feet landed on the ground. He then felt disappointed in himself for failing at the simple task of 'taking a few niggas by suprise and killing them' so now he had to go on betraying them after befriending them. He walked forward slowly but nervously and extended a hand towards one of the flickers. HE couldn't tell who it was until he got close enough and noticed the blue eyes of the Bount, that seperated him from the other flickering green flames. "My name is. . . Alfred bottom bitch. What's your's?

From Bleach life
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PostSubject: Re: Rush Sykes   Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:25 am

Seem's fine.....




Speed-660 + 165 = 825

Endurance- 50

Reiatsu-1200 + 300 = 1500
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Rush Sykes
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