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 Claus butterhoes at your service.

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Lord Claus
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PostSubject: Claus butterhoes at your service.    Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:55 pm

Name: Lord Claus

Actual Age: 333

Appeared Age: Mid thirties

Gender: Male


Since a very young
age, Claus has despised and hated the Human race for being so inferior.
Their endless hate and their ability to find a problem with something
that needs no solutions that made them look childish and paranoid in his
eyes. They fought endlessly for no reason with other people, differen't
only in their view but nor so much different in the fact that they were
human. Wars broke out left and right throughout Clauss' life, it was
tiring to see everyone hate eachother so much that they were willing to
slaughter their own race. If only they knew how inferior they were to
the world, that they were doing the rest of the universe justice by
slowly killing each other and erasing themselves off the face of the
earth. It was annoying to know that He was part of this dreaded and
frankly stupid race of greedy narrow mindeddd beings but in his heart he
decided at the age of 5 that he was nothing like the humans of the
world. If it were up to him, he'd be the last person alive merely
because he knows that if he were given the chance the repopulate the
earth and teach his offspring about loving one another instead of hate
and filling their thoughts with bullshit about different Gods and
different kings, he would do it in a heartbeat over and over again, even
if that meant killing anyone clsoe to him, which wouldn't have any
impact on him because everyone close to him were always 'remote' in his
view. There was nothing wrong with being secluded from this world, Claus
told himself, they would only corrupt my mind and try to make me just
as childish as them and go into battle against someone or some other
nation merely because they was a small piece of land that can easily be

His hatred, ever so strong,
has put a fury in his mind and made him relesh in the deaths of humans.
Though he didn't just relesh in that, he experienced a high unlike
anything he ever felt when he experiences torture, bloody scenes here
and there involving ignorant and arrogant humans. He even became an
unliscenced surgeon just so he could trick people into coming into his
basement and torture them endlessly for but one reason, to relesh in
their suffering and to prove to himself, that while they are willing to
die for a piece of land, they are not even willing to die for their
pride as a human, More often than not, the people claus tortured
screamed, he enjoyed that, he wanted to hear them shout out and please
to continue existing in this life. Their hopeless screams gave Claus a
smile everytime he heard them.

a very young age, Claus was the most smartest and most intellegent
being on the face of the earth. Unfortunately for him that was all very
boring. He always wanted to be superior to humans in everyway and this
certainly was a start, but he was, in his mind, too superior,
noone could come face to face with him and offer a fair challenge, Even
when he took mercy on his opponents in whatever sport that involved the
mind, or intelligence by giving them handi-caps (Which he doesn't do at
all anymore merely because his sympathy for man has run its course) yet
he was never challenged. It is rare for him to be challenged and even
more rare for someone to beat him intellectually but it is not
impossible, or better put, it has happened before. Such times he seems
to prevail but enjoys being challenged, so he knows the years he spent
pounding the nkowledge of the world into his head were not a waste.

it may seem unlikely that he loves warfare, there is a simple reason to
why he does. Two actually. One; He loves using people as pawns to fight
on the battle field and he loves the fact that there is a very strong
possibility that he can win with nothing more than his intellect instead
of his action, or fighting, and the other; he loves it when two sides
clash together to elimnate each other. Claus hates war naturally but he
loves how after such acts, both sides have casualties. To him it seems
like one of the quickest methods to kill alot of people. With that said
it is no secret that he hates humans and eems himself superior to them.
But every so often there might be a Super human or two that have just a
little bit more strength than him. That infuriates him, he does whatever
it takes to prove his supriority and uses whatever means neccesary to
do so.

He believes that his
inteleect is superior, as such he cannot help but think his word is
absolute and beyond arguement. When he is corrected, or told that he is
wrong, he falls into utter denial, even if he is proven wrong he will
deny his claim to have been right to the death! After discovering that
Shinigami and ghosts exist, he realized however, some thigns were still
beyond his understanding at the moment. But that all ceased when he
found out how to become apart of that world, it wasn't only for the
purpose of becoming more knowledgable, it was also for the purpose of
becoming more than human. He knows now that the will of a human is
something that he cannot fully understand, but another reason why he
cannot help but to despise them. Some humans believe that no matter how
bleak a situation, their willpower and resolve can remain firm and that
can somehow lead them to victory or get them out of their troublesome
predicament. It is only a lie, claus knows this and hates the fact that
Humans as well as Shinigami apparently, believe that there is always a
glimmer of hope. He can agree that there is hope before one undergoes a
task, but if they see that the situation is dim, it's as good as lost.
So far noone has him wrong when he tells them that their situation
cannot get any brighter.

It was
hard for him to find companions that understood him He was unique and
didn't hide it from anybody. There was always an exception or a kid of
somesort who seemed just as gloomy about the world as Claus did.
Unfortunately they always changed when they got older with clause,
becoming more attached than the world and its inhabbitants. Claus didn't
care much for humans anyway so at the time he wasn't phased nor did he
care about such a thing as 'friends'. But after becoming a Vizard, He
continuously finds himself in need for a friend or companion. He is a
cruel guy, all around evil around the edges and pretty stern when he
speaks but he is nice to people who he feel aren't as narrow minded as
he sets humans up to be. After figuring out that there are others like
him, other humans, more powerful beings who connect with the world of
spirits, he does nothing but devote 42% of his time searching for more
humans that he can call friends or even treat with kindness or even keep
him from his solitary.
Since becoming a bout his hate towards humanity has only strengthened.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Former Rank: Captain

Former Division: 2nd Division

Current Rank: -- Vizard rouge, all on his own.

Mask Information

Name: Roman


Unique Ability: Midnight Massacre; When he draws his mask his black reiatsu covers an area of 560 meters in a 360 degree angle all around creating a black cube of darkness. Within this darkness Only the eyes that weren't stripped of sight may see, meaning that if any of your eyes were blind then you will be given sight, that and your senses and ability to trace reiatsu will be robbed as well. This cube stays up for 3 posts. It is possible to escape the reiatsu.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Look at my appearance

Duration: 10 posts then.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Shogi Enki; (Hell doesn't lie)

Zanpakuto Looks: Look in his appearance, it is perma shikai.

Released Zanpakuto Description: His speed is Doubled when he wills it for 2 posts, this technique is only used once. The techniques his Shikai has are as followed

Name: Mu (Nothingness)
Description: Mu is a passive skill, The shikai is used to rob the limb it cuts of it's sense of feeling.
Duration: The effects of this last only for 5 posts, it stacks if the limb is struck again.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Engulf, Shogi Eki

Released Zanpakuto Looks: Look at appearance

Bankai Information


The Bankai holds the same power "Mu" From his shikai among other abilities.

Name: Threshold
Description: Any within 110 meters of the Shogi Enki will have a pain in their stomach which will continue to increase in pain so long as they remain within range. The pain is more of a ache and the extent of pain resets after they get out of range.


Duration: Ten. The cooldown is Eleven

History and RP sample

he was born, Claus was born in the back of a Abandoned car outside of
the borders of Canada. His mother, a Japanese woman named Karen, was in
great pin before giving birth to him. She had a rare disease known as
Genetal herpes and how that would effect Claus was completely unknown to
her if anything happened at all. His father supported Karen through her
pregnancy until the time of labor, he had to stay behind in Canada for
certain reasons, Karens death was faked because she was a lead suspect
in an ongoing investigation regarding the murder of The king of the
african jungle, surely enough, the people/athorities had resources and
traced her existance back to Canada. After realizing that if they would
go from Africa to Canada in search for Karen, the only thing to do was
erase her very existance from their eyes. So she took shelter in an
abandoned minivan outside of Canadas borders. The father brought food
daily and made sure his fiance and child were okay. And when it finally
came time to the pregnancy, coincidentally, Claus' father was shot in
the head several times and killed in his sall condo. This was an
unfortunate developement indeed, for if Claus would have had a loving
father figure he probably wouldn't have become the hateful creature he
is today. Anywho, after he sprang from his mothers Pussenta, he was
nourtured and loved by his mother for several seconds before she died of
bloodloss. It was snowing and very cold, thankfully Claus' mother
wrapped him in the blankets she used, knowing life was slipping from
her, and died keeping her son warm. He wasn't going to last long without
food, so the future looked bleak for the young Claus and he probably
wouldn't live pass the day he was born, until he was found by passerbys
as they coincidentally got a flat on the road closed to the abandoned
vehicle. They heard his cries and decided to take him in. They were a
Japanese family and their destination was: Karakura town.

the age of 2, he started walking, talking and doing alot of things on
his own like using the bathroom when the need arose, Eating his food
without help or the tireless act of the spoon being a 'choo choo train'
which had a destination somewhere in his mouth. He was smart too, though
he only knew three words, he used them in the right situations. His
parents adored him, he had a older brother born just a year before him,
they weren't related by blood of course but he thought of the kid who
decided to carefully watch his brothers back for the years to come as
nothing less than a brother. Questions arose as to who the kid belonged
to, the people who adopted Claus into his life said that I was adopted,
and without the right paper work or legal documentation, they had no
choice but to start homechooling Claus right away. They started
homeschooling him when he was 3, they home schooled him for a year, and
then they forged paper work so he could be apart of the public school
system. He proved to be a genius among his peers. He didn't socialize
much as a kid, no one really liked him for being smarter or better than
everyoen else in the class in terms of money and knowledge. His new
parents were both Doctors, they encouraged Claus to becoem a doctor when
he grew up. The thought of helping people at the time was appealing to
Claus until one very dark night. . .

was tucked in like every other night when he was put to bed. He was 7
and though very mature for his age, he didn't mind at all that his
mother still gave him such affection. He loved his new parents very much
and thought truly that they were his blood parents. Of course he didn't
know the real truth, they told him that they were related by blood,
that they were his parents and they somehow convinced him with evidence
that they were his parents. He didn't care if they were biological or
not, he only cared about the fact that they were there, caring for him.
They lived in a big house, 2 floors and very spacious, enough space for
two boys to horse around all day in. They had various rare antiques that
caught the attention of irregular burglers. These burglers weren't
exactly your typical steal in the middle of the night and leave
burglers, they were your rare; steal in the middle of the night, see if
anyone responds to a noise made by them and sodomize anyone with a
baseball bat if they do. Clauss' mother heard a glass shattering
downstairs and believed that Clauss' older brother was the cause. She
went down stairs and found five ment all wearing black ski masks and
denim blue jumpsuits downstairs awaiting her arrival. Behind her, the
husband followed smiling and expecting to see his wife chewing out one
of their sons. But when they saw the burglers, they screamed. Waking
claus out of his half sleep and his older brother out of his. Clauss'
older brother immediately jumped from his bed, went from his room to his
brothers to see if he was alright. Claus was sitting up in bed
sweating, his older brother warned him not to follow him downstairs, to
just stay and hide like a coward, then he went downstairs to see what
happened. When he did Claus heard nothing, it was silent for several
minutes, until another girly scream came from downstairs. Claus was
scarred stiff, afraid to leave his room and see what horrors awaited for
him downstairs and heard crashes of items here and there for at least
an hour before they all ceased. Claus accidentally fell asleep and woke
up hearing a car drive away. When he got from under his bed to go
downstairs and see what all the fuss was about, he saw his family, with
baseball bats shoved in their asses. . . Dead.

is what sparked his anger, his hatred, his ever growing disregard for
human life. He hated everything done by mankind when it resulted in
something dreadful with a frank and stupid cause. He saw the horrors of
his familys corpses, and because he was sparred, he decided from then on
he was going to be alone. He was sent to an orphinage outside of
Karakura town. He was being treated fien there, still attending school
and excelling beyond his peers. He got into college at the age of 10,
being put in newspapers everywhere as the genius everyone wanted to be
because his sex appeal was massive And graduated when he was 13. He
lived 5 years of his life leading a normal and plain life, working for a
stock company and adopted by a perverted MILF who loved touching Claus
in naughty places, Claus didn't consider this child molestation, he
thought it was lovely. When he turned 18, Because he was so detached
from the world, he had no problem deciding that he wanted to start
living on his own. So he killed his Guardian and decided to make her
house the base of his operations. Bums and People without a family were
his targets, he would inject them with some kind of sedative and then
bring them back to his house to experiment on them in the basement. He
got sedatives from a place his Previous parents used to work, he was
granted access whenever he wanted by a sick (Sick as in sadistic)
colleague of his fathers. Claus enjoyed tormenting humans and loathed
himself for it as well, cutting himself up endlessly.

day, while Claus was walking down the street scratching his balls, a
Hollow appeared from a rip in the sky. He was amazed that such a thing
existed but he had no need to, since it almost killed him. It almost
completely crushed him under the weight of his right hind leg, it was a
Kanine kind of creature but 20 times larger than any Kanine Claus has
ever seen. In the hospital as he was recovering, Claus thought that
maybe that rip in the sky led to another world. One he wanted to be
apart of because he was sick to death of trivial human matters. So after
he fully recovered he set up verious cameras around the citi hoping to
catch something or signs of another rip he may be able to get by. He
didn't find one through the cameras, but what he did find interesting
was that everynight at 12:32 am, there was a flickering speck the size
of a basketball that volleyed above the buildings of Karakura. This
intrigued Claus, he thought it was magic. He searched for it the next
day hoping to find it again and did, at 12:32 just above a grocery
store. When he confronted it it spoke to him in different tounges, then
slammed itself against his chest and became one with him.

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Claus butterhoes at your service.
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