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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:18 am

Chatbox Rules
1. Harmful sexist jokes will NOT be tolerated.
If you are only playing around, sure, then have at it, as long as no one takes offense. If it harms someone else in some way, apologize.
a. Warning
b. Kick
c. Temporary Ban from the CB
d. If it continues on, you will be banned from the site for a certain set of days.

2. Badmouthing someone else's religion, again, will NOT be tolerated. If it is a healthy debate over it, then fine. But any arguments and there will be consequences. If you do not immediately stop when an admin tells you too, the previous punishments above will be put into place.

3. Spamming is also not allowed.
Posting the same thing over and over and OVER is annoying. So please, don't spam. Honestly it annoys everyone. Again, the above punishments will be taken into effect.

4. Cursing profusely. No.
As I understand that most of my sites users do not act like this, I still must warn you all not to do it. Especially towards other users. That is a big no. Ah, and the biggest swear I do not want to hear in my cb is the word "Nigger". My grandfather says it and I wrinkle my nose at him for it too. I NEVER want to see or hear about someone saying it. Again... punishments above.

5. Sex in the CB. Again, no.
Kissing and hugs are as far as you may go. No farther. The punishments are less severe for this but I still do not want to see anything more then a kiss or hug.

6. One more thing, Homophobes and Racists.
If you're a homophobe fine. But if there is a gay or lesbian in the cb... get over it. Seriously, no big deal. In my opinion, gay guys are adorable. And I am bisexual myself so everything works out with that. And in my opinion again, homophobes are dumb asses. No offense intended. Same thing for racists.

Roleplay Rules
1. God-modding. No.
No, no, and NO!!! Have I said no?! This is NOT allowed. While in battle you must give the other character a chance to respond and possibly dodge your attack. For example: Byakuya swung his sword toward Renji, attempting to stab him. NOT: Byakuya stabbed Renji.

2. This is an Advanced RPG. Spell right.
Try to post at least a paragraph every time you post. No one liners! If you don't want to RP at this length, you can use the Role-play Academy to post as much or as little as you want. Also, you MUST RP in third person and use correct spelling and grammar. A misspelled word or run on sentece every now and then is okay, but nothing like this: Byakuya wlked 2 da garden and admred his flowers oh pretty fowers he said to renji and smiled. how are u today renji ... Er, that's not only bad grammar, but completely out of character. XD

3. Again with the behavior thing.
Homophobes, Sexists, Racists, and easily offended Religious people: No, no, no. PLEASE. I don't need complaints about someone rping like a jackass in their posts. No offense intended.

4. Ranks
To have a high rank such as a captain or Espada, you must be a good RPer. If the RP sample in your character application is not good, you will not get a high rank. If there is a rank you want and someone has it, you may challenge them to a fight. However, they do not have to accept. If you have a high ranked character you must RP with that character at least once in two weeks unless you posted an absent notice, or you will be stripped of your rank.

Basic Forum Rules
1. Registering
When you register your username should be the same as your character's name. After you register you can head over to the character creation area and create your character. You must wait until an admin or mod approves your character before you begin to RP.

2. Admins and Moderators
Do not ask to be an admin or moderator. If I think you will be good for the job then I'll make you one. Please respect and listen to all admin and moderators. If you think they're doing something unfair, post it in the help area.

3. Relating self to character.
Do not make a custom character that is just like one of the canon characters. Make them an individual. However, if you want your custom character to be related to a canon character, you have to ask the person playing that character if this is okay.

4. Application Comments
With applications, only admin/mods are allowed to leave a comment on the application, even if another member of the site thinks that the admin/mod is wrong, or if they think that a person’s abilities are unfair and OP and say so before a mod/admin can review the application – if you disagree with the decision you can PM that admin/mod stating that, and your reason/s why, but you can’t leave a comment on the page. Also, if an application has WIP in the title no one can leave a comment because it’s common courtesy to let them finish it themselves, and see if they realise what’s wrong before they finish, because WIP means just that – that they’re not finished.

First off, note that this is a NEW addition and there are a very limited amount of people who are allowed to be a hybrid. Up to seven actually. If there are more then seven, I'm sorry, you may have one when we are used to the new addition. Hybrids are to be checked by an admin. Nothing else. This is in case of extreme O'pedness. If there is any complaints on hybrid opedness then I will have a different admin check the application and make sure that it is not completely bogus. No bount/arrancars or arrancar/soul reapers. Vizard/soul reapers makes a lot more sense but those are originals and have nothing to do with it truthfully. They're just vizards. Human/Vizards are fine though. If you come up with any other hybrid, let me know.

Segunda Etapa Rule

Alright. I need to make this clear before it goes out of hand. Only two people may have segunda etapa, and not just any two people. These two people cannot be just regular arrancar but espada members. And said espada members may not be Cero or Primera. Also, just letting people know since I haven't announced it: Only two vizard for res at all times. No more. Thank you.

Segunda Etapa
1 Majeh(Reserved)
2 Numero Dos

Vizard Res
1 Zane Hataro
2 Kurochi

Last edited by Chika Hitsugaya on Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:07 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:02 pm

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a punishment up to banishment from this site.
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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:52 pm

Since I forgot to add this in up there I might as well add it now, considering most people will ignore it if I edit it in. Any reservations last up to one week. So when the week is up, the reservation is deleted and the spot is free again. :3 Do enjoy your time on Frost.

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PostSubject: Re: Site Rules   

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Site Rules
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