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 A dream...................

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PostSubject: A dream...................   Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:31 pm

This is something i wrote a while back half true half based on a dream enjoy

The room fell silent... She was like light itself. She was the creator of the word perfection. Her hair lay quietly on her shoulders, only moving slightly when the draft slowly pushed it, and like a sea it moved as one. Their eyes meet and she started moving towards him. It was like she was floating above the ground, like the earth lifted her forward as the queen she was. She stopped. Their breath's touching each other. Then something strange happened, it was like a bond was stretched between them. In an instance of company it felt like they had known each other since time was born. Then she leaned forward and kissed him.

Then he woke up, he looked around him. A dream! He shouted. For a moment he felt like his soul was ripped out of his body. A lonesome tear found it's way down his cheek. Then the door to the bathroom opened and out she came, in all of her glory. She smiled.
In that moment all his doubt and fear disappeared. He then knew what to do. He got dressed, he moved for the door that was leading out of the house he was living in. He walked out into the street. The sun played on his skin. He then took his first steep towards the rest of his life.

She never came back. Today he isn’t even sure if she was real or just a dream. It doesn’t matter though. She had opened his eyes to the world. He had found the true light of his life. She had always been there, he had just been a fool not to see her.
Though this story does not have an end. How it will turn out only time can tell.

Though one thing is sure.

Her place in his heart had been sealed with a kiss. That kiss he would forever remember as the best thing that had ever happened to him.
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A dream...................
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