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 Angels Escape

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PostSubject: Angels Escape   Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:23 pm

My heart plummeted as I saw where I was headed. Off the edge of a cliff about ten feet away. I tried to make my feet turn and all they did were speed up. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I control my body?! This wasn't like me at all, I'd already... wait... what had I already done? I couldn't recall as I raced two more feet and leapt from the cliff's edge, my legs spread apart in a ballerina's pose and my arms out beside me. I didn't even scream as I fell, trying to think of what had happened. I stared down at the oncoming ground, a smile crossing my lips as I neared it, ready for death as I realized... I had freed myself from him. That horrible man, the one I called my father. I had slit his throat and ran for my life as they tried to catch me and lock me up. Now I was free to die a happy death, to be happy somewhere that he could never reach me, could never hurt me again. I was going to my heaven, my next life. I had learned a lesson that needed to be learned and I was able to pass on without guilt. This all went through my mind in about two seconds. And then it was gone.

The police shook their heads, the women cried, the men comforted them, and the children stayed in their cars. She had dropped out of no where. The cliff above was impossible to see at night and she'd flown down from that horrible edge like an angel, a smile on her face as she hit. She lay on the ground, no blood or broken bones. She seemed unharmed though everyone knew she was dead. The daughter of the mayor, the culprit behind the threatening messages sent to him, lay on the road with the smile still on her lips. Her eyes were closed and she looked as if she were sleeping. The most surprising of all things though, other than the unbroken bones or the bloodless death, were the wings spread out beneath her, her arms folded over her chest naturally, her legs stretched out and ankles crossed as she lay there. Dead but sleeping, a beautiful angel free to leave the realm of humans. How wonderful she was in death, magnificent. And suddenly, more girls and boys like her began to show up around the world, freeing themselves from their pain.

I must break free from the darkness.
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Angels Escape
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