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 Kurochi Dendou-Myaku

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PostSubject: Kurochi Dendou-Myaku   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:05 pm

Basic Information

Name: Kurochi Dendou-Myaku

Actual Age: 915

Appeared Age: 20

Gender: Male


Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Blood, Knowledge, Puzzles, Showing off, Honor.
Dislikes: Dishonor, Suicide, Easy ways out.

Strength/Weaknesses: Though he is very knowledgable, he usually shows off or does other dangerous and deadly things, if just for fun. Shoot him at the sun to kill him.

Personality: Kurochi is bloodthirsty, litteraly and metaphorically. He is incredibly calm when he wants to be, he has perfect control over most of his emotions and can often laugh at the worst times. He is often rude, calling people above his rank by their first name, or giving them nicknames, this is how he shows affection. He often times is sadistic and cruel, but when infront of his friends and allies he is either calm and stiff, or relaxed and joking. He will often make random jokes to cheer others up. Despite having friends, he says he does everything for them because they "interest him" or "might be useful later" Those who know him know differently.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Mask Information

Name: Kurohitsugi

Manifestation: While having no true form, it appears to manifest itself physically as Kurochi's second gun.

Unique Ability: Due to his unorthodox method of becoming a vizard, he has not physical mask, sword, or even spirits. Though it is beleived that they fused with his personality. He has no limit on his mask because it was combined with shikai. His abilites are simply physical enhancement and shapeshifting. His regeneration is also enhanced in this form.

Hollow Mask Appearance: (Describe what your mask looks like or an image will do.)

Resurrecion Information

Cromwell Initiave Level 0

Represent: Darkness

Family: Shadow


New Powers: In this form Kurochi's speed tripples, but his strength halves. He is able to control shadows and blood when he sees them. He can do many things, such as turn them solid and use them as Weapons, however a constant mix of the two that he doesnt make is the giant spear in his hand.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: The Jackal

Zanpakuto Looks: The only physical representation is his gun.

Zanpakuto Description: His Zanpokuto takes the form of a singular gun, longer and white.

Released Zanpakuto Description: His shikai enhances his physical abilities and regeneration. He can also fire condensed blast of reiatsu from his gun, allowing him to fight at any distance. These shots stop regenative abilities where hit, for 10 posts.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Cromwell Iniative: Release (5-0)

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The main change is that his hat and gloves disappear.

Bankai Information
Do you want your character to have bankai: yes

Bankai Description: His regeneration and attributes skyrocket, along with the ability to change every physical part of his body, he becomes an incredibly strong individual, great at all types of combat.

Bankai Looks: The final thing to disappear is his coat.


Strength: Kurochi's base is equal to Kenpachi, and his shikai and mask each double his strength, his highest strength is about 4x kenpachi's

Speed: In his weakest, he is barely slower than Yoruichi's Shunpo, though in bankai his speed is multiplied by 1.5, in resurrection he is 4.5x as fast as Yoruichi

Regeneration: Although enhanced the least by his forms, it is still his most treasured ability. He has survived decapitation, disentagration, being mauled by bullets until he was a corpse. He is able to regenerate as long as half his cells survive, making decapitation and other methods of death useless..

Vampirism: While knowing he is a Vizard and that no Vampire truly exists, he still calls himself a vampire for three main reasons.
1. He can drink the blood of any being, or absorb them into himself after killing them, while he only gains 5% of their stats, he does gain knowledge, and memories.
2. He finds sunlight and garlic annoying, but nothing more.
3. He can bring back the recently departed as his servants, who have free will, and enhance them, however he must revive them within a day, else their body is too decayed.

Reiatsu: Though due to his other powers many would assume he has an incredible amount of reiatsu, it is actually his weakest attribute. He can sense it, but not much else. As such, to fire his bullets he constantly fills canisters with his solidified reiatsu to use as constant fire for his gun.

Knowledge: He is undoubtedly a genius, and might be one of the smartest spiritual beings around.

History and RP sample

Alucard was once known as Count Dracula, also known as Vlad III Dracula, the son of Vlad II Dracul. Born in 1431, he later became known Vlad Ţepeş ("Vlad the Impaler") and as Kazıklı Bey ("the Impaling Prince") by the Turks, gaining a fearsome reputation throughout the lands.

It is revealed in Alucard's flashback in Chapter 70 of Hellsing, Castlevania (2) that he was enslaved by Ottoman conquerors when he was a child and sodomized by a high ruler. During the whole ordeal, he defiantly clenched a silver cross. When he became the Voivode of Wallachia, he launched an all-out war on the Turks which devastated both sides. Eventually, his troops were defeated, his people were killed (although mostly executed by his own hands), and his homeland was set ablaze. Vlad himself was to be executed. However, before he was beheaded, he drank of the blood from the battlefield and became a true vampire. When he accepted the powers of darkness, the silver cross he had always carried with him shattered.

Centuries later, in 1897, the events of Bram Stoker's Dracula unfold in the backstory of Hellsing. Abraham Van Helsing, Arthur Holmwood, Quincey Morris, and Jack Seward (Jonathan Harker, the last member of their group, is left out of the Hellsing version of the story) were able to defeat Count Dracula and kill those who served him. Abraham Hellsing tells Dracula that Mina was freed from the count's grasp and that he has nothing left.[1] He then stakes the Count through the heart, but he is not destroyed, marking where Hellsing's plot deviates from Bram Stoker's Dracula. From that that point on, the Count became a servant for Hellsing and his descendants, serving each successive generation.

In the current time, the hellsing line died out with Integra, leaving Alucard pondering what to do. He eventually moved to Japan, and changed his name to Kurochi Dendou-Myaku, with his spare time, learning Japanese was no problem. He settled down in Karakura. Before she died, Integra freed Alucard from his promise to serve the hellsing line.

He was eventually contacted by the Vizards, and this was when he found out he was not a vampire, but a vizard, a strange one, yes, but not a vampire. He had drank the blood of a hollow, which caused a new "breed" of vizard to emerge, causing all the "vampires" until now. He decided to take place in the orginization of Vizards.

RP Sample: A stilhouette appeared in the distance, a hood over his head as the rain beat down. This figure was well known, for his raw power, as he was possibly the most powerful being in the universe, for two main reasons. His very pressence made men quake with fear. When he released his power he could crush them without second thoughts. He can be described by many words, Insane, planning, but also less well known... he was depressed.

He had lived more years than most beings, watching as his friends and family died, even his very own wife. He had seen what caused this pain of his. It was this war of ignorance, that was what had destroyed so many lives, including his own. He had killed mercilessly as nothing more than a child. He had been to war at least four times now, and betrayed just as many. His best friends usually betrayed him. He wasnt truly an evil person, but he had more problems with his life than most others.

The rain began to drop much softer, as if sensing that Kurokon was growing weary. His thoughts turned to suicide, but he would never do that. How could he possibly reach his ultimate goal of peace then? He had no idea what to do now. His war to cause peace had failed, possibly making everything worse. He had tried the diplomatic way, but he had failed at that too. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps he was not the being that could stop all war and make everlasting peace. Was he still doing this for just the power? No, he didnt become corrupt like Aizen had. He would never do that.

Though he was once friends with Aizen he would never be able to betray him like that, Aizen himself had wanted peace, but he went about it the wrong way. He had foolishly tried to make himself god, though Kurokon was now imortal, he knew he could still be beaten. He actually hoped he would be beaten, if he could be beaten it would help his ultimate plan. He was going to search for Hayami, to live back at the wharhouse, where people understood each other. He knew most wars began from misunderstandings, as did murders. He had tried to bring peace to the world and failed, just like every other great leader. Unlike them, He was still alive, he always would be.

He stood up straight and started walking again. His feet thudded on the ground, and splashed, matching his heartbeat. He was going the normal human speed. He had almost given up hope there. No more would this happen, he would be strong. He would perserve through even the toughest times. He had no time to be weak, no time to lose his way. He would perserve... for her. He stopped as he approached a graveyard. He bowed his head down and entered. He walked a small bit until coming upon a small grave. The tombstone itself was not very noticable, the usual cross with a name inscribed, however, what was inscribed was something only Kurokon knew.

March 14 1996, Kurohime Shikyo

Kurokon kneeled down infront of the grave and put a white rose in the flower holster. His wife had loved those, she always said they represented the purity of the world, something that Kurokon found wiser than Da'vinci. "Hello Hime... I know its been a long time.. I'm sorry.. I havent had the time to come visit.. I hope wherever you are is a good place.. and I pray whatever being guards it will let me in... I'm still working on our dream... I was losing hope for a while but.. I think I may have found a new hope... Theres this girl.. Hayami Rentai... she could hold the key to what we've always dreamed of... I hope your safe dear... good bye.." With those words said, Kurokon removed his hood and stood up, walking out of the graveyard.

Kurokon walked straight towards the vaizard headquarters. He still remembered where it was. He had lived there for years after all. As he walked he stopped slouching. He was getting happier, their dream might just come true. His eyes no longer glowed, they now seemed to burn through the rain, as did his dark red hair. They both represented his personality. He was glad that the darkness was gone for now. However now he had to stop the chaos and return the worlds to peace. He saw things how they were, there was no good or evil, no black or white, only shades of gray.

His eyes represented the power inside of him. The white was the purity he held, from years of pain he had grown bitter once, but his positive personality prevealed. His very soul had changed from those experiences he had as a child, or as a teenager. The red of his eyes was the power, the original part of him. He had trained for years to earn such power as Aizen, then going from his level to Yamamoto's, and then came the blacks. While normal pupils will always be black his were gray, bright gray. This represented two things. The original black represented his darkness, his hatred, although small, it was always best to stay out of. Then the gray part, this part was the hogyoku's effect on him. He no longer cared for good or evil, only peace. His mind had been ridded of the notion of immpossibility.

His hair was different though. His hair's spikieness showed his energetic ways, always hyper and fun, but also lazy and sleeping. He was a rubix cube with ten cubes in each row and column. The red color presented his feirceness. He was like an animal at times, unpredictable and always adapting. He had learned this from his sensei during his life. He had shown him what everything on him meant. His sensei was much like old man Yamamoto, but more leinient. He loved that about him. Their pasts both started with robbery and assault.

Kurokon entered the wharehouse without knocking, he never had. He shook lightly to shake off some of the rain. He then went into the living area to relax. The area had a cough, a coffee table and a normal TV. Nothing special happened usually so they had to do something when not able to train. Kurokon had been here many times from his years outside of soul society. He had been injured while training to control his hollow side, however they did many other things inside his mind as well. He chuckled at the memories, knowing he was beginning to act like an old man, what would Yamamoto think?

He turned his head and smiled lightly as he waited for someone to appear. He knew it wouldnt be long, whenever he came in, someone was about to come in and see him as well. He loved that, as he hated being alone. He was an extrovert after all. He hated the lonliness of the life he had now. He began to note his sorroundings more thouroughly. The cough was a soft blue color, and was as comfortable as could be. The Tv was simple and delicate, about twenty inches of screen. The coffee table was mahongany, and polished well. It had no rough edges, nor splinters sticking out. His cloak still his his clothes, he realized.

He unbuttoned his cloak and let it out as if it were a cape. He had on a black pair of combat boots, black pants with ten pockets, which his clothes were so compact that even Kenpachi would have a tough time ripping them. He had a red sleeveless shirt, which seemed to have sleeves under his black rough leather jacket. He had long ago realized the need for indestructible clothing. He trained hard, and he didnt feel like going naked after a fight. His long dead Vice captain had once found him like that, which caused alot of akwardness between the two. Oh, how he missed her.

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Kurochi Dendou-Myaku
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