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 12th division captain

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Heishi Rei
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PostSubject: 12th division captain   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:09 pm

Shinigami Basic Information
Name: Yasashiku[Shiku for short] Kurotsuchi[Adopted Last Name after becoming captain]
Age of Death
Real Age: Early three hundreds
Physical Age: Late Teens[Roughly 18 or 19]
Gender: Male

Physical Information
Blood Type: -A
Height: Six Foot
Weight: 192
Eye Color Dark Teal
Overall Appearance:

[Exactly the same as the picture only exception is his hair is; Black]

Psychology Information
Sexual Preference: Women
Status: Single and Looking
-Any an everything that deals with the research Department
-Those in his division
-Food[Preferably soups, vegetables and fruits]
-Making Mistakes
-All Races
-Those who stereotype him due to him being the 12th division captain
-Those mistaken him for a woman
-Hates perfect things will literally go out of his way to break/mess up things just to make it un-perfect.
-His feminine appearance cause him to be mistaken for a woman
-Others in the Gotei 13, think that he is too kind even to those that threaten his life
-Tends to believe everyone has a good heart
-Has to make perfect things un-prefect
-To live
Overall Personality:
Good Nature– There isn’t no secret that Yasashiku is a very polite individual who almost always use suffixes when addressing other captains and even lieutenants. This polite nature is seen in battle where he always gives him name to the individual he is about to engage with. And use the right suffixes accordingly. Though the battles he had are few and far between; he had left a memorable impression on those who he had the chance to fight. Some of those in Gotei 13 believe Yasashiku’s “good” nature will be the downfall of him, however the captain thinks other-wise. His kind heart is also shown when asking for test subjects rarely does he force anyone into doing testing though he does give them incentives to do such things. Depending on the risk that is involved in the “experiment” the incentives can vary.

Unlike Mayuri Kurotsuchi; Yasashiku Kurotsuchi actually values the lives of those who he experiment on. Doing everything possible to make sure his patients lives. Though one can’t save everyone and thus death happens, in which case he will personal make sure they have a proper burial.

Women– There is a running joke between Shiku and those who knew him during the academy. The joke is that; Every girl will love and hate him. They will hate him for he looks better then most of them and they will love him for he looks better then most guys. It isn’t Shiku’s fought that his appearance is very feminine like. Shiku’s love life is regular to say the least, he dates but nothing is really serious just harmless dating. Though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to find the one, however he isn’t rushing it and just enjoying life. Though there is a rumor that he has a crush on a certain female captain...however rumors are nothing but rumors right.

Genius– Not going to spend must time here for Shiku, is a genius to every aspect of the word. Some think that he was a nature born genius, sadly he wasn’t. He worked his ass off absorbing any and all information like a sponge and never letting it go. Then again he can thank Mayuri for that; However one will realize that he is even smarter then Mayuri due to the modifications he made to his invention approving them.

Battle Tactician–Depending on the situation; Shiku’s fighting style tends to evolve depending on the opponent’s style meaning. He will start out fighting one way, only to change in the middle of battle if it’s necessary. Though no matter what, his speed is his key factor. That doesn’t mean he can’t fight without his speed for he can and do so very well. And rarely does he use his bankai, unless it’s necessary. He can successful kill someone or something without it.
Profession Information
Squad: Ju-nibantai(12th)
Rank: Captain

Zanpakuto Information
-Shikai:Hinahouou[Young Mythical Phoenix Bird]
-Bankai: Houou-Gokurakuchou[Mythical Phoenix Bird of Paradise]
Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakuto Spirit Information:
–Name: Prefers to be called; Hina
–Age: Appears late twenties
–Gender: Female
–Attire: Various from; Though she for most of the time she wears a tight red mini-skirt that is very short.
–Abilities: Within Shiku’s inner world, Hina has been shown to skillful bend/manipulate Light and Fire. Along with the mystical phoenix flames that she can produce.

Inner World: Shiku’s world is very simple to say the least; It resembles that of black distorted energy. One’s eye-sight becomes useless within the world. Sound is non-existence and the only way to communicate with the spirit is through a mental connection they share. The world is built so that Shiku is always handicap and must rely on other senses. However his inner world changes when he enter’s bankai.

Release Phrase(if Applicable): “Welcome to Paradise, Hinahouou!”
Shikai Appearance:
Entire Length: Six Feet
Blade Length: Two Feet
Blade Type: Serrated
Besides the given information Hinahouou is still coated with the superhuman drug[read before for details] meaning get struck with it is bad for your health. On both sides of the blade is the etching of a phoenix, presumably Hina.
Shikai Overall Ability:
Hinahouou abilities revolve around manipulation and the creation of phoenix flames. Unlike normal flames those that are produce from Hinahouou has a resistance to water(along with reiryoku enchanted water). Making water attacks basically useless against this zanpakuto. Hinahouou’s flames is very strong against other fire type zanpakutos often time consuming the flames to only strengthen it onself. Due to the close bond that Hinahouou and Shiku has; he can also use these flames to heal various wounds upon his body. However, these flames can’t heal others. A unusual aspect about Hina(for short)’s flames is the fact it seem to strengthen in the day time, though this is just because Hina feeds off the sun’s energy. But when night time falls her strength of the flames does not weaken.

Captain’s Only
Bankai Name: Houou-Gokurakuchou
Bankai Appearance: (Picture will do)
Bankai Overall Ability:
Houou-Gokurakuchou[Till prefers to be called Hina] shikai abilities seem to strengthen more. The flames are extremely stronger as evident that those within three meters of Shiku will have their clothes turn to ash. Again the flames does not effect Shiku though his body temperature does increase slightly. Besides the abilities process in Shikai, Shiku is now able to control the heat from the bankai. This allows Shiku to send blast/shockwaves made entirely of super-heated air at the opponent. The heated air can easily cause third degree burns if one is hit directly with them. Hina also gives Shiku’s a boost in speed.[only list some abilities that can be used in shikai/bankai]

Shikai Abilities

Name: Wave of Flames
Description: By doing a sweeping motion with Hina, a “wave” of intense flames will speed towards the opponent. This is a very broad attack, if hit directly one can suffer life threatening burns.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One

Name: Claws of the Phoenix
Description: Creates three fire tornados that acts like an extension of Shiku’s arm. Besides the obvious offensive purposes, Shiku can use the super-heated air for other offensive techniques. For the unlucky victim who gets trapped within a tornado, they will be subjected to intense winds that can lacerations to their body and burning.
Duration: Three Posts
Cool Down: Four Posts

Bankai Abilities

Name: Meteor Strike
Description: Causes a giant fireball(same size of a cero oscuras) to be fire from the hilt of the blade. The blast does not explode on contact, but instead turns into a tightly packed twister around the individual in which it has made contact with.
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: Three Post

Name: Rebirth
Description: The ability allows for Hina to sacrifice herself in order to bring back the fallen Shiku. This ability is quite rare to say the least for the wielder and the spirit must have a perfect bond with each other. And as the mystical bird itself; Shiku will be reborn in a pile of ashes. His wounds completely heal and knowledge till intact. And what about Hina? She as well will be repair and rejoin her partner as his zanpakuto spirit, though this rebirth ability will be nonexistence.
Cool Down:

Academy Information
Swordsmanship: intermediate
Pole-Arm User: The most scariest thing about him, is that simple fact his skills of user pole-arms(more importantly Nagamaki), is matched by no other.
Hand to Hand: Advance
Shunpo: Mastered[Step or two slower then Soifon...]
Kido: Expert[But rarely uses it]
Shakaku[Angel of Fire]: After studying the Shunko ability that is used by Yoruichi and later on Soifon. Shiku had developed his own unique version of it, that is known as Shakaku. The principles for it till remain the same the only difference is, that pressurize kido is replaced by Hina’s reiryoku. Shiku does not need to be in direct contact to draw upon the spirit’s reiryoku and thus can use it without it. The draining of reiryoku does not affect the spirit at all, in fact Hina thinks it tickles. When using shakaku, Shiku’s body glows a faint red color; the technique enchants his overall strength/speed. But most of it goes to his arms and legs allowing greater movement. The technique can also nullify others movement; along with giving them serve burns.

Referring to the burns, Shiku can control the intensive of the pressurize heat that surrounds his body. In the same manner that those who use Shunko can fire kido from any part of their body. Shiku can fire compress super-heated air from any part of his body which can cause third degree burns. Shiku has yet to fully master this technique due to the superhuman drug within his body that also increases his reaction speed. Even not mastered he can easily keep up with Soifon when she uses Shunko.[He can control this form for roughly 12 posts]
Other Information:

Hokiku-Zai(Flesh-mending Drug): The drug that was developed by his adopted father, it’s known as a regenerative serum which can regrow limbs upon injections and is green-ish in color. When inject it takes a medium amount of time for the a lost limb to regenerate [three posts]. It can also be used to heal less severe wound(Instant through One post). In order to have with him at all times, he caries several pills that have this drug within them for easy and quick consumption.

Data-Gathering Bacteria: A microscopic bacteria that constantly gathers data from those in which it had been implant on. These bacteria can be place by any form of contact between him and the one who he wants to observe. All data that is gathered is sent to the user’s brain in which is process by a modified version of the bacteria. From battle tactics, to habits all of this information is gathered allowing him to a step or more ahead. [[ In order of fairness I will warn you occly when he is caring them on him.]]

Superhuman Drug: A drug that was manufactured by Mayuri Kurotsuchi; it slows down a person’s perception of time. It is able to make one second seem like 100yrs for the unfortunate victim to whom it is administered. An undiluted dose of the drug causes the senses to speed up trillions of times while the relatively “slow” body fails to keep up, resulting in paralysis. This version of the drug is embedded within his zanpakuto and also coated along the blade. [[Takes two posts to activate]]

Diluted Superhuman Drug: As stated in the “Superhuman Drug” a single droplet must be diluted 250,000 times to be suitable for use. He has successfully diluted the drug so that it’s able to be consumed by others. He is the only to consumed the drug and thus his reaction speed has been greatly enchanted to the point it has surpass the natural boundaries of shinigami and the likes of Soifon and Youichi.

Anti-Race[Arrancar, Bount, Vizard, etc] Mine/Weaponary: Using the knowledge of making the “anti-arrancar mine” He has successfully created mines that detonate violently when it’s sensors picks up the reiastu of an; Arrancar, Bount, Vizard, Special Human, Quincy. Though each mine is rigged accordingly for each race. Not only that he has made grenades that work on the same principle of the mines. Depending on the opponent’s race; the blast can vary for each race. [[Again, I won’t use the mines unless there is an invasion on Soul Society, in which case I will have a topic stating where they are placed.]]

Garganta: The technique used by Hollows to move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.[[ Duration: Instant, Cool Down: Two]]

Nano Eyes: Within his retina are small nanobytes that activate when one’s none eye-sight is useless. Upon activation Shiku can tract an individual by the heat from their body or through the reiryoku that flows through them. This is also allows him to break illusions or any forms of trickery. It’s rather unknown when he implanted the nanobytes in his eyes.

Writing Sample

The captain of the 12th division had played an important role through the centuries within soul society. Rarely does they get praised for by others for their working, thus leading them to self- appraisal or praising from those within their own division, which isn’t really that special. For those within thee own ranks should praise each other for their workings, no matter how important or in some cases...well rather most cases pointless they are, right? Due to being subjected to one’s own praising or that of those within their divisions. Those that we know who have held the title of captain and lead researcher of the research/technology department had often suffered from some type of mental instability.

From the great urahara kisuke, who was renown for his works at creating various gigais but more importantly the one instrument that had caused the creation of the vizards. Which ultimately created the war with the tyrant known as aizen sosuke. Though this great man had left soul society for good, and is now living within the human world. Despite that his legacy as a great scientist would be replaced by someone who was placed within that dreaded...maggot nest.

So who will take the place of urahara kisuke? The insane but yet very brilliant man known as mayuri kurotsuchi . With the introduction of mayuri kurotsuchi, soul society would enter into a period like no other. Just like the evil scientist that we have read about we were growing up. Mayuri had created numerous of inventions some which were beneficial to soul society, while others where more beneficial to himself only. Mayuri was also the only captain who had made their on lieutenant, which was a feat like no other. But at last every great thing must come to an end, for the retiring of the great kuruotsuchi.

A new legacy was started with yasashiku being the main focus. The now captain adopted the last name of kuruotsuchi in a sign of respect for the man. Though one may wonder could this new captain live up to the legacy of those before him? And what the mental instability that all the captains seem to share? Will yasashiku follow suit? Or will he rise above and blaze a new legacy of his own...only time will tell.

A sigh escaped Captain kuruotsuchi’s lips as he finish writing the article for soul society newspaper. Standing up from his desk and moving towards the exit, he turns off the light to the room before heading to his personal chambers. “Time to rest...”
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12th division captain
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